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First Bike: '07 Honda VTR 250

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Kbatt, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Picked up this old girl a couple of weeks back and as my first bike she's opened my eyes to the joys of two wheels.

    Understand the VTR's are hardly the most unique bike going around, but it seems to be for a reason! It's a barrel of laughs and loves the high rev's, perfect for my daily commute and cheap as chips to run.

    It's Cherry Red which naturally adds a few kms to its top speed and the 'Honda' decal (As opposed to the 'VTR' decal on some models) gives it a pair of wings so it really feels like I'm flying!

    I think these bikes are great lookers and so I couldn't resist getting a little snap happy with the camera and posting some photo's for the world to see.

    For your viewing pleasure,



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  2. And a few more..

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  3. same as mine but mines in black :)
    now all u need is a slip on exhaust and itll sound great too
  4. I've seen the slip on's floating around but haven't been too sure. I presume yours is good, how much and what brand is it?
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    mines a staintune, it came with the bike though so im not sure on price
    i took the baffle out and it sounds so much more lumpy

    its not necessary but if you've got the money its a good mod to do, if i was keeping my bike longer id change the indicators and fender

    ive heard of some cheap ones on ebay that are pretty good too apparantly
    i think it was this one and hes from netrider too

    heres some pics of mine
  6. Nice bike. Gotta love those VTRs
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  8. staintunes are around $600 but they are a very high quality product and aussie made.
    they are guaranteed to be better performing than the stock pipe, and in my opinion have the best noise. for the price they cant be beat.

    also they they look great with some tweaking like mine.......
  9. I'd love a staintune, and I think if I do go and get a new exhaust then it'll be a staintune and not an ebay buy. But I think that like a lot of people with vtr's, it's just a great little package to get around on before foolishly upgrading to something more expensive and more likely to kill you. But more grin worthy..

    "also they they look great with some tweaking like mine.......

    Your's does look great, especially with those bars.
  10. nice ride, if lookin to upgrade sooner, keep it plain and simple, easier to spend lots and not get it back. nice bikes the vtr..
  11. Very good decision on the VTR :) Thought I'd join the bandwagon and post my VTR250 w/staintune. A must have!