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First big ride.. with a funny story to match

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by R0SSC0, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. I've been riding for just over a couple of weeks now and I was pretty happy with myself for getting this ride under my belt...

    Last Sat I left Ringwood with a vague notion to head out to Eltham and see whats around there. I cruise through Warrandyte and cross the bridge heading towards Research. It's a beautiful little twisty that really gets me warmed up and wanting a bit more cornering and a bit less traffic. So when I get to the end of the road and am faced with the choice of a left toward Eltham or a right toward King Lake, I think WTF? and turn right.

    Having a ball heading through Kangaroo Ground when I ride past the General Store. Having seen some pics of this place in orther peoples' ride diaries I hang a u-turn and head back to make a drink break at the shop. After buying a drink and settling down to read a couple of pages of my book I realise that I donlt have my keys... I must have left them in the ignition... better go and get them... hmm not there... must have left them in the seat lock... not there either... oh Sh!t... the only other place they could be is the Suzuki Across Boot :!:

    So, I'm in a bit of a pickle because the only way to open the boot witout a key is to remove the seat and undo some screws then poke your screw driver into a hole that makes the boot go "pop". I don't have a screw driver and even if I did, I have no idea how to remove my seat without the key (which is in the boot!). So I get on the phone and ask my wife to google a way to remove my seat without the key while I fiddle aimlessly.

    After I've been at it for a while, and starting to wonder how I'm going to get my bike home, a top bloke riding a Kawasaki pulls in and asks if I need a hand. He does have a tool kit, and manages to pop my seat off safely and get my boot open. Keys safely in hand, I thank him wholeheartedly (cheers Anthony!), call my missus and tell her I'm all good, and get back on the road.

    The ride from Kangaroo Ground to St Andrews is just beautiful. The ride from St Andrews to Kinglake is also beautiful, but for a newbie such as myself, pretty hairy. I just took my time and cruised through the corners at my own slow pace. There was one 4wd that I pulled over for, but other than that I didn't have any preassure from my rear view mirror. Thinking back, it was probably a far more challanging ride than I should have tackled by myself so soon, but I'm still glad I did it. Can't wait to do it again.

    Headed from Kinglake to Healsville, then took the Melba highway back to Yarra Glenn. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, as I was more or less stuck in a pack of traffic and not about to pass anyone with two weeks experience and a 250cc engine.

    I loved the ride so much that I took my wife on the same drive so that we could stop in Kinglake and buy lunch there the next day. I'd encourage everyone to do the same if they get the chance.

    Sorry no pics. The only one I took was of my bike outside the Kangaroo Ground General Store, and it's still sitting on the camera. I'll add it soon when I get the chance. Thanks for reading!!
  2. Let me know when your wife is free and we can organise something. :LOL:

    Seriously good ride and well done on your own.
  3. Gold, solid gold!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i'll take a piece of that action as well.. send pictures plz :LOL:
  5. Ahhhh that warms the heart. Nice story :)
  6. Nice to hear you getting out and about. They're great roads around here, for sure - thanks for the read! Here's my early-days story, never before published!

    September 30, 2007: On my first evening after getting my L's, having never ridden a bike before my 2-day L's course, I remember my wife was out that evening so I was home alone and newly licensed. Couldn't wait until the next day to take the new bike for a spin, so I headed into the garage. My wife had left a note on my bike's seat ("Have fun :) xx") - I was nervous, but keen to get into it, so I geared up and took off.

    Found myself on the freeway heading toward the city, and experienced 100km/h for the first time, and at night! It was windier than I had expected, but not so bad at all :) Found my way to my mate's house, from whom I'd bought the bike a month previous, and we had a bit of a chat. I was elated at this new found freedom!

    Rode home, carefully, but damn it felt good. It was such a thrill to feel the engine respond to my wrist on the open road, to negotiate around traffic, and actually enjoy cornering at speed. Wow.

    A few days later I rode out from my Macleod home, past Eltham and up the mountainside to Kinglake. Down to Marysville, then back home through Hurstbridge. A challenging ride for someone with 4 days riding experience, but I don't recall viewing it that way. More, it was a realisation of newly found freedom, and I was hooked.

    Two years on I've got tens of thousands of kays under my belt and just haven't stopped riding. I've ridden in 4 states and territories, commuted in rain, hail and shine, and participated in numerous group rides and special events such as the Ride For The Hills and a couple of Toy Runs.

    I'm loving it! If you want to go for a ride any time, just drop me a PM. I'd be only too happy to oblige :)

    Keep it safe and have fun!

    (PS: anyone else got their First Ride stories? I reckon it'd be a good read, whatever the experience! Cheers :))
  7. Cheers Cragv, I'll take you up on that some time.

    And guys... I'll ask my wife if she's busy. If you blokes keep taking her out for scenic drives, that's more riding time for me :p
  8. Good that you're getting out there. Though you're an idiot for the key thing :p j/k

    I'm happy to take your wife out and get my own riding time :p
  9. Hahahah! Nice! So so nice :D