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first big ride today

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by mikey_mikestar, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. well went for my first big ride today cos the weather was fine (finally). left from northcote and headed up through whittlesea and up to yea. felt weird riding through where the fires were. on to alexandra and then down past marysville, didnt go through it cos just after buxton had to switch to reserve after 165 ks(really have to do those carbs :( . was starting to get a bit worried that i wasnt goin to make it to healsville but then found the servo at the spur :grin: . after fuelling up headed off again through the bends, that was fun :) , through yarra glen and then home past diamond ck.
    all in all was pretty good, didnt seem like i had been riding for so long.
    hope to get another nice day soon so i can go again.
    really have to do those carbs though :(

  2. Ah, the freedom of the road. Doesn't matter what bike you do it on, it's still the same!! Great.
  3. Little old FZR, great bike to do the twisties on.

    Glad you had a great day.
  4. yeah its not bad, has been good to learn on.
  5. wheres the pics? :)

    pics shold be part of the t&c's :LOL:
  6. sorry mate, forgot the camera. didnt realise till an hour in.
    wouldve been good to take some pics of the areas that the fires were in ( not anyones homes)
    if its fine again next we, will take some pics.
    was just amazed at the destruction these fires did, cant help but feel sorry for those people.
    and it snowed there this week, these people cant catch a break, :(
  7. Awesome stuff Mikey :)

    I went up through there a few months back as a pillion passenger b4 I got little V ...
    was a real eyeopener but still a great place to ride through ,
    didnt take pics out of respect for those who lost their homes and family :cry:

    Wouldn mind doing that ride soon as well , once heated grips are installed :grin: cause it will be darn cold :mad:
  8. yeah know what you mean.
    i wouldve just taken some pics of the bush and trees that are starting to grow back.
    you see it on tv but until you have seen it in person its not the same.
    i didnt go through marysville for the reason you said. didnt want to seem like a sight see re.
    was a great ride and will go again soon. maybe we could go together one day if your up for it
  9. FZR, awesome bike.
  10. thanks rich, its not bad, not much to look at tho, need to fix a few things up on it.
    do you have 1?