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First BIG Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by megaphat, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Well I got my unrestricted license so I'd figured I'd go for a big bike.
    Bike's a 2002 R1. 34,000km. Been resprayed green. Absolute torque monster, and great looking.
    Came with a Ohlins steering dampener, Leo Vinci exhaust and a radiator guard.

    The power advantage over my old 250 is amazing. First thing I'll be doing is replacing the mirrors with conventional ones.

    More pics: http://users.tpg.com.au/moritzgh/R1/

  2. Very nice mate.

    Looks great.

    Although it has been resprayed..
    and custom mirrors fitted...
    has it been dropped?

    but it does look kinda look kool in green in my opinion.
    Great ride
  3. not keen on those mirrors, once you've changed em it will look a lot better.... how are you liking the increase in power?
  4. Looks like a Kawahaha. :p

    Nice upgrade though, the extra 750cc is bound to come in handy. :grin:
  5. As far as I can tell, it hasn't been crashed or dropped. All the engine covers, swing-arm, bar ends, edges of plastic etc are unscathed and largely immaculate. The inside of the fairing shows no sign of cracking or plastic welding and is the original plastic, complete with manufacture dates.
    None of the frame or engine bolts show any markings (from a potential disassembly).

    Mirrors are on the way. I don't mind the look of the old ones, but they are absolutely useless. Next 'upgrade' might be some white yamaha decals. And perhaps a bag rack, if I find one.

    Colour is somewhat similar to kawasaki, but slightly darker and more pearly.

    I love the power increase. Especially the low-end torque. Its the first motorcycle I've owned which can pull well straight off idle (1000rpm). Makes taking off so easy.
  6. well my RS125 needs 4000rpm to get off the mark :demon:
  7. Yeah my old CBR250RR really wasn't happy below 4000rpm either. This one pulls like a freight train at 4000rpm.
  8. Congrats mate :)

    Looks amazing and I bet it goes rather well too. Welcome to the dark side - any gear rollons.
  9. I approve!
  10. Noice.

    Oh, at least 10 characters... there we go.

  11. Always suspicious of repainted bikes, sorry.
  12. Congrats !!!

    The 2002 model R1's always holds a special place in my heart.

    The silver/black one is the bike I *lusted* after back in 2002.

    Yea, once you've been on a litre bike, it's hard to go back. :D
  13. Yeah so was I, which prompted me to do an indepth check before purchasing. I've had most of the fairing off (both sides) and just can't find any evidence of a drop, repair or anything.

    Funny you should say that as the vehicle history check showed Silver/black as its original colour. There's even some original silver overspray on the inside of a few fairing pieces. I've always loved the jet-fighter look of the R1's which was one of the reasons why I chose it over a GSXR1000 or CBR954RR. I specifically wanted a 2002+ model because that was the year they implemented EFI.

    And yeah, its hard to go back. Even the CB400 I rode afterwards felt absolutely gutless. :eek:

    The previous owner only rode about ~1000km in the time he owned the bike. This is evidenced by the tyres (Pilot Power 2CT) which both have ~80% tread, but are over 2 years old. Which reminds me, it probably needs an oil change.
  14. Congratulations on the bike :)
    As I said elsewhere, looks great. Hopefully therell be many kms of fun ahead!
  15. Damn.

    Thats nice.

    Have fun and enjoy it - Track day soon methinks!
  16. I"m jealous. Very nice!
  17. Noice. Love the Jet fighter look!
  18. Did the colour matched track stand come with it?

    Nice bike, but will be better with new mirrors. Enjoy.
  19. Funnily enough, no. I had a green stand handy from my last bike.
    Mirrors will be here in a week :D
  20. You're not Kermit are you! :wink: