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First bad day of riding :(

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Siwagod, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. #1 Siwagod, Mar 20, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2013
    Just got home after a pretty disappointing day of riding :(

    Started straight away as soon as I left this morning. I went a different way to work, after scouting last night, trying to find a route with less traffic.
    My shifting was sloppy, throttle control jerky and braking rough.

    I thought it was just morning jitters, but my lunch ride and afternoon were even worse.

    My balance was severely off, I was putting my foot down a lot more than usual, even put my right foot down 2-3 times :oops:
    90 degree corners like at lights were shaky.

    To top it off, bike was playing up more than before, idling after riding was choppy and it sounded like it was running very rich. Easing off throttle in second resulted in small backfiring, and it cut out at the lights twice. Shifted to first, raised revs to take off and it just choked and died, it was not a stall, clutch was completely in.

    Not to mention, in traffic I couldn't relax my arms like usual. Hands, wrists and arms were getting a work out. I usually pay close attention to my form and remember to keep my arms limp and relaxed and keep my thighs in, but in slow traffic then just kept tensing. Infuriating.

    Confidence was shot and as such I couldn't read traffic like I can most days. Felt like a newbie on the road, not someone who's been dealing with heavy traffic for nearly 8 years.

    Sad day :cry: I hope it doesn't continue..

    Sorry for wall of text.

    Edit: Oh, I also fcuked up pretty bad and clipped someones side view mirror with mine. Wasn't enough to damage or anything, but an audible tap. I stopped and raised my visor and apologies to the driver, they laughed and said it was fine. But I felt so stupid afterwards.
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  2. Sometimes things just suck. Don't sweat it, there's always tomorrow to recapture your zen.
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  3. This has been said many, many times on NR but it bears repeating.
    Sometimes when your ride goes to shite it's best to just pull off the road and have a cup of tea, smoke, pull your pudd, whatever.
    It resets the bad Ju Ju and gets you centred again. Cannot help you out with the Hyo playing up though (they just do that).
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  4. It's called the yips...........happens to all of us - the more you fight them the more they fight back,,,,,,,,,,

    Hint --> If you let the yips win, bad things happen - identify them and apply liberal amounts of anti-yip protocols..............these protocols vary from rider to rider....

    No one can tell you what the protocol is..........you must find it for yourself.....
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  5. I'll give you props for apologising for clipping the mirror, mate. If there's one thing I think I''ve learned from learning to ride, it's how important having a mindset of being wholly accountable for what you do can be - not a bad life lesson IMO either, and definitely useful when it comes to critiquing your own riding. And, frankly, just a nice thing to have done, personally. (y)

    But as has been said above, some days are dust, some days are diamonds. Don't sweat it.
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  6. Yeah there was a couple hours between riding this morning, then lunch ride and ride this arvo. I had hoped by lunch the bad juju would be gone but was still there.

    I may just be over doing it. I've literally totalled minimum of 3 hours on the bike every day since I bought it a week and a half ago. Coming up on 2000km done.

    Maybe I just need to chill for a bit. But all I want to do when Im not riding is ride :(
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  7. ^ from what you said above, I'm going to say your yips/bad ju ju is coming from being mentally tired, Which is different to being physically tired (you also cannot get enough sleep to cure mental tiredness), Why are you riding so much? Anything done to this kind of excess is going to put a strain on you...

    Advice below is for normal "not feeling it moments"

    I normally know when I'm having a bad ride my internal dialogue is along the line of "I'm just not feeling it today" and there are 2 things you can do... Pull over or stay home (if you haven't left yet) and ride another day or if your commuting and need to push on but just take it real easy, understand your not at your best and not get happy on the throttle of do anything tricky (but I still advise on taking another means on transport: cage, bus, friends car)
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  8. Happens to me, on a 5 day'er I rode on recently, things were great on day 1,3,4,5 and 2 was unco day, I generally dial it back a notch or three and relax, no need to rush anywhere. I've had some really whacky days commuting to work, you get use to the uppers and downers. ;)
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  9. Been riding so much as I've been waiting 18 years for my bike, and after so much time desperately pining, I finally have it, and it's all I can think about. Literally the only thing I want to do.

    I have terrible control over obsessions. On one hand it means I tend to advance at stupendous rates in my chosen obsession which is fantastic, on the other hand, it does mean I run myself dangerously ragged.
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  10. if in doubt, pop a wheelie.
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    Same mate, I understand how you feel. I do very much the same thing but I have been learning to try and moderate. It's hard as fcuk I know. I usually go 110% into something at the detriment of my studies/job/social life end up burning out and moving on because I start hating it as it's become a chore/too much work to maintain or something along those lines.

    I personally believe it to be some kind of mild OCD as I do feel something in the back of my mind telling me not to stop as "something" (which I don't understand what) could happen. Feel/sound the same? I also switch between a bunch of things I will do excessively for a short period of time, give up move on and come back to the in the future 3-6 months later and go at it again.

    My biggest problem is when I go 110% I become really good at it for that short time (like top 5% - Not bragging or anything you hopefully understand) because of my pure devotion but I don't stick at it long enough to actually make a meal of it. I then look back 1-2 years and think If only I went 50% but stuck with it for 1 year I would be way ahead of where I am now.
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  12. Would if I could haha. No idea how to unless it's on a BMX.
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  13. Yeah, I'm classified with Volatile Adult ADHD. Oh plenty of meds already.
    But it's the reason I was in a national champion fencing team, had two state titles in clout, progressed stupidly fast in TKD, got promoted twice at my company in 7 months among a bunch of other things.
    Though it might sound like boasting, it truly is not. All of those things came with the price of literally ruining every aspect of my life to obtain. Lost friends, relationships, jobs. Have done a lot of damage because of it. At the end of the day though, I was still the best at whatever it was I was doing lol...

    If I could control it, it would be a blessing. As I cannot, it really is like a curse.
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  14. I added more information to my post, If you didn't see it.

    How old are you? Out of curiosity? 18 per chance?
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  15. 25 in a few months. Wanted a bike since my cousin visited on his new CBR600 when I was 6 and let me sit on it and rev it.
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  16. Yikes we are very much the same... I'm 24 -> 25 soon. We have a similar post count too and nod count. Very much serendipity, Do you have any friends or family that are able to mentor you? Obviously your family knows of your condition?
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  17. Haha eerie. My 3 best friends who Ive had since childhood, one of which I live with, are sort of my guardians. Im the most impulse driven and care free with money (I literally throw money away for no reason other than to enjoy spending it on people), so they keep me grounded to a degree. They all have ADHD too and are on similar meds, but they manage to keep 'most' of their shit together.

    Yeah my family is aware, dad looks out for me. Honestly my biggest problem is money. I work a good job, good salary and own my own IT business on the side, but I have zero value for money.
    I gave some guy raising money in America to look after his dad who had cancer and no health insurance $4800 just on a whim. Financially a retarded choice as it just increased my debt, but didn't phase me. Pretty much was in chat room and some guy was matching every $ donated, so I was like "Huhu I'm gonna fcuk you" and just tossed down nearly 5 grand then wandered off to do something else.
    To his credit he matched it.
    Combined we paid for like 2 months of his dads chemo and morphine or something, iunno.
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  18. Dude your totally describing me right there. I also work in I.T. have worked in like 3-4 places in the last 3 years including Google for a short stint but just keep moving around. I don't like sitting in the same seat for too long, Also I'm the same with money. I will save save save, then hit a certain point and just spend spend spend. I think I'm starting to get better with it, Do you have or have ever had a gf?

    Kudos++ for the chemo donation.
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  19. Never had a relationship longer than a month or two until recently. Been with my current missus since October. Pretty much a fcuking miracle for me. Hasn't been easy, but we talk a lot and try to work things out as best we can. So far things are good.
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  20. #20 Hypervisor, Mar 20, 2013
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    Winning mate, doing better than me... Never had a GF or been in a relationship :(

    That aside, I think the advice I can give to you is learn to push back against yourself. Learn to look forward and thrive off the feeling of what you know will happen if you over do it (you know what happens when you do it, you know the results). I have found that I have started to get exhausted from over doing it, It's almost like I'm relaxing and just realizing I gain more ground at 10km/h doing 3 things than going 30km/h doing 1 thing. It's hard to explain, But I found it's something you need to put your mind to (something you just need to deal with I guess. It's a curse but also a gift) you maybe different, but I hope this can help.
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