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First and only car.. LPG, petrol or diesel ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow netriders!!!!

    I'm after a car for when it rains and for when I need to trailer my bike to a trackday :). So only would be used once a week.

    My budget is $3000-5000 absolute maximum.

    I don't know whether to look for a car with LPG, diesel or unleaded.

    I was considering maybe an ex-taxi (lpg) , diesel could work but I don't know of many diesel vehicles if any that are not trucks.

    Bonus points if you can suggest a good ute!

  2. i would go with diesel for the torque, otherwise its LPG.

    If its dedicated LPG then id go with that first.
  3. Ex taxi? Crazy. No.

    If you buy LPG, be sure that you dont have to have it inspected regularly along with rego.

    No point buying a diesel to only be used occasionally. Petrol will be the simplest.

    Do you mean you have an actual bike trailer, and so you need a car with a towball, or can you make do with a ute, or perhaps a van?

    Buying a cheap falcodore ute isnt a bad choice. Though for carrying a bike, Id want to put it in the back of a van for simplicity.
  4. For a few years I've had a dedicated LPG hilux, cost a lot less than $5000. LPG is definitely worth it, idk if i'd pay for the conversion, you have to do fair miles to pay it off, but if someone else has paid for it, it's the best thing ever. My real world running costs in terms of fuel are around the same as the stated fuel bills for ford focus diesel, toyota prius... for a 1500kg, brick-aerodynamic ute. I would avoid a six, unless there's a dire need.

    Obviously you should get a hilux. It doesn't really matter, diesel, petrol, they're all gr8.
  5. Yep. The plan was to get a hopefully somewhat decent car, and attach a trailer to it.

    Failing that a ute... or yes a van would suffice also.

    LPG Hilux sounds very very nice too! Will keep an eye out. Thanks !
  6. If you're only gonna use it once a week, then fuel costs aren't that big a consideration are they? A modern(ish) six is pretty economical at highway speeds - it's city driving that chews up the juice. I guess it depends on how many kms are stop/start vs highway but I'd say just go with a commodore/falcon - and try to get a manual if possible? Wagons are good for carrying shit and in a pinch you can sleep in the back.

  7. Most cars even small cars can tow a full size sports bike and a small trailer...............

    This is mine, rated at 400kg so will pretty much carry any motorbike youve got. Its also a one man operation putting the bike in and taking it out....................unless youve got a heady ass cruiser with a malfunctioning TPS lol........................

    So my advice is get a small car on LPG or diesel.

  8. dude.............. Did you end up buying the $3500 dollar RS250 ?? from bike point :) congrats if you did. what a steal.
    and what trailer is that btw azncruiser? a site or link would be appreciated x 10000!

    now that i think about it fueling isnt too much of a concern. I won't be doing city stop start driving so I may aswell consider anything now. I guess weight. I dont want a big heavy thing. Be it ute van or car.
    Reliability would be paramount too, and repair costs if it did die.

    Lol its funny. I was trying to narrow down to something but instead I can pretty much choose whatever.. provided it can get from A to B.
  9. Nah im still waiting for another bike.........waiting to hear from the seller ;) but not going to be an RS250 though.............the custom RS I lusted over disappeared so im guessing someone else snapped it up..................

    The trailer is from Mototrailer from Victoria, they posted the trailer to me in a box :), I think postage was $60-80. The trailer folds to a neat little unit................Theres a smaller and also fold-able trailer that you could buy, but its more expensive, not as stable and also cant carry as much weight as this. The only problem with this trailer is that you need to unscrew 5 screws to fold it properly...................its an easy job though, less than a minute to do all five screws..............I can even do it by hand :)
  10. Thanks your a legend !!
  11. wow. that is a neat little trailer
  12. Awesome trailer.

    +1 on the Hilux, but. Dedicated LPG? Don't you need to run LPG cars on petrol every so often to stop your engine from being damaged?

    But yeah, get a small 2 litre hilux and a folding ramp, and carry your bike on that. Or a small diesel and tow that trailer with it.
  13. No, not true. Using LPG probably extends your engine life. You need to use petrol every so often if you want to maintain the petrol fuel system, otherwise the seals rot and so on, allegedly.

    Dedicated LPG is shithouse though, for other reasons, dual fuel is ultimate frisbee.
  14. just get a dedicated LPG Ford ute, no need to buy a trailer and plenty of old work ones around, plus the said petrol savings.
  15. hilux


    one of them old Ford Bronco F series utes...you see them these days modified into towies. stick a cow skull to the bonnet and you are good to go!
  16. Lol Mav your hillbilly side is coming out :p............but you forgot the goalpost antennas, truck bull bars, and enough flood lights to light up a stadium.
  17. ah all that stuff is too modern...

    only attachment you'd need is a shovel, to sc**** all the bodies off.
  18. This word filter is getting a bit tedious and infantile. Ive always wanted to go to S****horpe in North Lincolnshire.
  19. this is a thread very similar to what ive been thinking to do... got a little lancer ive been thinking bout selling (work van for the week, bike all other times) means it never gets used... but i wanna get something to tow/carry the bike if/when needed.

    some good info here :)
  20. may be a simple query , but why not ride out to track, ( i do this now) just be a little cautious

    Other wise i am sure a few netriders in brisbane have a car with a tow ball if you supply a trailer that takes 2 bikes