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First almost road rage incident.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by murchy, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Not really a near miss, but I feel the need to come on here and vent anyway.

    So today I was riding home from work along Spencer street, just as I was coming to the end of the CBD (heading north). I noticed the cars up ahead in the left lane stopped seemingly randomly, so I assumed there must be a garage hidden behind the big van at the front with a car pulling out. I applied brakes (probably a little more strongly than was absolutely necessary, but I wanted to give myself space to go forward/escape if the cars behind me didn't pull up) and stopped.

    The tradey pulling out of the garage saw me stopping, we made eye contact, and I waved him over, and received a smile + wave of thanks. This happens about a second after I stop, at which point the ~40 year old curly haired lady in a white lancer covered in dings and scratches pulls up quite close behind me, and leans on the horn.

    I turn in my seat and wave in the general direction of the tradey pulling across the lane to indicate why I had stopped, and was met with another round of the horn and some pretty angry looking gestures.

    I decide the best thing to do is ignore her, so I turn back to see the tradey shake his head at me and shrug, which made me feel better.

    White lancer lady then proceeded to tailgate me all the way down Spencer, getting on the horn every time I had to slow down for traffic (probably because she doesn't understand the concept of survival space).

    Just before my turn off into Dynon road, she decided to floor it past me, cut into my lane dangerously close, forcing me to emergency brake pretty hard, then drove at about 10km/h for the last 100m before the turn off, throwing in the occasional hit on the brakes to try to scare me maybe.

    I decided to U-turn and head back up Spencer to lose her, rather than following up Dynon.

    And there's my venting finished.

    tl;dr - some people make me sad.
  2. Good plan, would have been easy to put a boot in the door but Dynon Rd doesn't leave you with many escape routes.

    Well played.
  3. I may get flamed for this but, you could've started your new side mirror collection?

  4. From the sounds of her, I doubt she would miss it.
  5. You should have just followed, and followed, and followed...
    At some point they realize, that their stunt was not the last say.
    It'll turn their anger to fear, as they come to the realization, that you are staying behind them....following...
    When they stop someplace. Just keep going, oblivious them - don't even look at her!
    And go back to your own life, before biatch-head turned up.
  6. 1.5 years into riding and I currently have 3 trophies. 2 x Yellow cab side mirrors and 1 x Lancer side mirror. They sit quite nicely on the mantle.
  7. Pics or it didn't happen!
  8. I love this, playing with their psychological well being could be very fun.

    Im gonna keep that one for my next incident i think.
  9. Love your work.
  10. When you're entertaining revenge, you're mind is no longer on the job. That lady wouldn't have gotten the message if you followed her all day... how many risk would you have exposed yourself too and for what?
  11. hhahahaha, you my friend are a god among men.

    But pics or it didn't happen.
  12. :D That is funny.
  13. She was just on her way to her local pub after losing all her unemployment benefit at Crown casino, for the 87th week in a row, and was in a bad mood since she now had no money for beer and would have to perform favours in order to get pissed before going home to the husband she beats.

    Seriously, don't engage with these people.
  14. Two words - Search & Destroy


    There was a time in a land far far away when cagers wouldn't even contemplate feeling courageous in their cars. I miss Monkeyman, both crazy and homicidal, that's a rare mix.
  15. Everyone keeps asking me why I carry lead fishing sinkers in my top pocket. They come in handy when you're being tail gated!.
  16. What happened?
  17. I'm not recommending 'revenge' to anyone, Rob. And following a car is'nt trying to educate them, so they'll suddenly change their ways. We know that's not gonna happen.
    But if you have some time, have cool head, following them for a while usually unnerves them. And they'll think twice next time around.

    And you are right...gotta keep your head in the game of riding. That should'nt be a problem.
    It's a passive task.
  18. Yeah lead sinkers are great when they get too heavy i just toss them over my shoulder,especially when im not fishing,i do hear weird noises now and again,but its hard to turn around and see,on the bike.:-s:beer:
  19. I'm never going slow enough for a car to tailgate me.