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First Aid - Who is trained or has been

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by far_canel, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Yes - Currently Trained

  2. Sorta - Have been trained, currently out of date

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  3. No - Never occured to me

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  4. No - Cost / time issues.

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  1. After a recent incident on a group ride with a rider been injured pretty badly, it became apparent at the scene a few people had no idea what to do.

    While we don't plan to come off, the reality is we (motorcyclists) are at times in remote locations where ambulance response times are quite long in the respect that if First Aid isn't rendered serious issues could arise.

    So who here has been trained or is currently trained or who has never been trained?? Could be interesting to see.

    I know for a fact I'm currently out of date, however I still remember the 4 courses I've had to do previously for employment and other positions, and to that, plan to be re-trained.

    It could even be worth organising a NetRider session to get everyone trained over a weekend or something?

  2. yep although i need to resit it end of april (work pays for my training) :grin: although i tend to try and ride with either riders i think can ride or riders that look like they will bounce well :LOL:
  3. Shameless plug...

    Red Cross do the courses. It's a fund raiser for them.
  4. I did one ages ago which is out of date.

    I remember most of it; although I understand the procedure for CPR has changed a little bit in the last couple of years.

    First aid course never taught me the procedure for removing a helmet when there's a suspected neck injury though! I had to go find that out on my own.
  5. As a basic first aider, we caught taught quite simply, dont. Unless they are in urgent need of CPR, in which case saving their life takes precedence over potential spinal injury, got told to simply support the neck as best we could while removing the helmet.
  6. Currently trained as the senior first aid officer at work. Only had to put the skills into practice a few times so far.
  7. There is actually a procedure for removing helmets. Not sure who teaches it.
    It requires 2 people. One to kneel behind and to keep the head / neck as still as possible, and the other to remove the helmet, slowly and moving the head as little as possible.
    The ambo's do a course as does anyone who provides first aid at the races etc.
    You are correct however, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary DON'T.

    The procedure for CPR has changed too that is correct.
    (Trained as a senior first aider)
  8. i get first aid training through the State Emergency Service - and the last time we did this course (a couple of weeks ago for a refresher) we actually did practise getting a motorcycle helmet off and I was the casualty haha.

    It REALLY pays to do your first aid. I think everyone should do it at some stage and then do a refresher every few years. It may be a stranger on the street that you save or it may be someone in your family or a best friend but by golly you'll be grateful you had those skills when you needed them.

    just my 2 cents :D
  9. I have a current Level 3 first aid certificate (the one above senior) with a current defribrillator endorsement (yes we have a defib unit at work).

    Work pays to keep that current.
  10. Your practically a paramedic :p
  11. Not even close to a real paramedic (seriously), those guys get drugs to play with, although technically I'm classified as a first responder. We do get training in administering pressurized oxygen using several different units although all I've ever used is an oxyboot.

    (like this http://www.firstresponseaustralia.com.au/specials.htm )
  12. Yeah it was meant in jest, those guys have years of training.

    I'm happy to help if I ever see someone in need, I can handle broken bones, deceased persons, etc...but it's not something I'd want to actively pursue on a daily basis. I have a few quirks, I can handle a cut to the bone, but a dislocated finger makes me feel faint hehe.
  13. I can be up to my armpits in broken limbs and blood & guts in a motorsport crash and be fine but cant watch an operation on TV :roll:
  14. I can poke some one with the toe of my boot and say "You ok mate?".

    Seriuosly would be interested in course.
  15. I had to do the training for work so we could have a back up first aider. Its well worth doing, especially for riders. In a major situation those first few minutes could mean the difference...
  16. Just updated my level 2 first aid (3rd time now)
    Correct all of you about the removal of the helmet ONLY if patient requires CPR.
    CPR is now 2 breaths and 30 compressions followed by 2 breaths and 30 compressions etc. a total of 5 cycles in 2 minutes. (make sure before you start you listen out for lack of breath for at least 10 seconds)
    As for the defibrillators even though you can do training we were told the ones available in certain public places can be used by anyone as the thing also monitors the patient and will only apply a shock when the machine detects a lack of heartbeat (the thing talks to you and tells you what to do).
    A lot has changed in 3 years and lots more will as defibs and epipens become more available.

    P.S you can never be sued successfully if the first aid you applied was never beyond your training, ie if someone dislocates their shoulder DO NOT try and pop it back in as any nerve damage can become permanent.
    All you can do is immobilise the arm as best possible with the proper sling and let the experts pop it back.
    This is the reason why the ST johns Ambos were being sued by that woman as they went beyond their training when they attempted to pop back in that womans shoulder and damaged it further.
    It's still in the courts so they are still not aware of the outcome.
  17. I did mine back in 2002 while I was attending a General Construction course, I really should refresh it though, just in case.

    One of my mates likes crashing his bikes...
  18. Currently trained through work, hold St Johns Senior First Aid,

    LOL! Have to update every year and do a defibrillator component every two years.

    Always carry my mini first aid kit in under my pillion seat
  19. yep im trained and worked for qas..