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first aid kits

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by loki, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. I got my senior first aid certificate a few weeks ago, wanting to put a kit together to stash on my bike just-in-case

    I've never seen a bike crash, so i was hoping some of you could tell me about what sort of injuries bike accidents usually cause, so I can tailor a kit for group rides

    so far I'm going with plenty of bandages, and plenty of saline solution vials for road-rash infections. I know there's only so much I can do on the side of a road (and only so much room in my little prilla) but is there anything I haven't thought of that you've wished you had at the scene of a bike crash?
  2. Just buy a St Johns "car" kit and add as appropriate. Realistically all you can do at the side of the road is make comfortable, check ABC and stop bleeding.
    I would add gloves and a mouth guard personally.

    (Happy to be corrected here............)
  3. Don't neglect little things like bandaids. I had a minor accident in a car park when I was learning, and I was glad I had them.

    You can use a shirt to improvise a bandage and you can improvise to make a splint, but burn dressings, tweezers, emergency shock blanket, saline etc are quite useful. I also carry gastrolyte (or repalyte) in hot weather to treat dehydration.
  4. I bought a first aid kit a couple of years ago. I have added more cotton buds and band aids (they don't have enough) and also a little drop bottle of Betadine. Also chuck in some Panadol/Nurofen/similar...can come in handy.
  5. Triangular Bandage - Essential, can be used for almost anything
    Emergency Blanket - Those silver things, helps prevent shock and hypothermia
    Betadine cream - Good disinfectant
  6. Eye drops or viles of saline. You are forever getting shit in your eyes.
    A roll on anti-persperant. I hear aluminium is great for bee stings.
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  8. ive got i think its a st johns kit, has pretty much everything in it

    comes in a squishy bag, fits under most bike pillion seats, fort havent needed to use it yet
  9. Elastoplast is pretty good.

    They're included in the Army's section med kits, and are way better than band aids. Also betadine (sp?) was included to sterilise wounds. Both of these would probably be relevant, as I'd imagine the wounds you could actually help the most with a bike med kit would be things like grazes from the road.

    But as you've noted, I reckon bandages would be the most important thing.

    Get the elastoplast in the bandaid size, also the big ones about 6x9cm, which as a side note are really good for foot blisters if your having trouble with your boots. Does this happen with motorcycle boots?
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  11. I was going to say a breathing mask but you probably shouldn't remove the person's helmet if they're in a really bad way....

    This will probably sound pretty gross but you might need a scalpel and tubing in case you need to do an emergency tracheotomy (sp?)

    some empty syringes for squirting saline solution, etc, etc.

    (Sorry - my Dad's a doctor and our "first aid kit" at home used to consist of vials of morphine and pethadine in the fridge.....)
  12. Mmmmmmm, pethadine :p
  13. Sorry Clairebear but I don't recall covering Trachectomy in my first aid course. As such I probably wouldn't be rushing to do one.

    You are correct about removing helmets, but If they were not breathing you would have no choice.

    As a footnote a first aid kit is next to useless without the correct training, so if you buy one make sure you are up to date with your training. You just may save a life.
  14. Just remember it's FIST aid, theres only so much you can carry on a bike or even should be atempting.

    Theres basicaly 3 categories,
    scratches, burns, abrasions, twisted ankles, minor bleeding (nose, small cut).
    broken bones, minor amputations (finger, toe, ear)
    things that are gona kill ya.

    i limit mine to:
    1 stuff for minor injuries.
    band aids, antiseptic, etc

    2 stuff to keep people alive
    torniquet, adsorbant pads and bandages, etc

    The intermediate injuries i dont wory about because theres realy SFA you can do, you cant fix a broked leg on the side of a road and there not gona kill ya.

    And heres 1 thing i just learnt while researching this, some of the sites recomend to cary Lavender Oil - its antiseptic, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral, excellent on any cuts or burns and fantastic on bee stings, good for headaches and migraines, insomnia, aches and pains etc. etc.

    heres a few handy links
    http://www.ncrider.com/Motorcycle First Aid Kit.htm
  15. I know how you feel about the trachectomy - It's never covered in first aid courses. My Dad was the one who showed me how to do it - and I guess that if I was ever in the situation where I wasn't breathing and I potentially had spinal injuries I wouldn't care if someone did one on me, albeit messily, if it meant that I would live. Plus the scar would be a pretty cool story.

    Legal implications aside - it's something wirth knowing.
  16. When I did my first aid course, I asked about helmets, and I put it on and we worked out that it would have been possible for someone to give me EAR with my helmet on. However, that helmet didn't fit all that well. I have a nice expensive flip-face helmet now, which wouldn't have this problem.

    If possible, I'd cut the chin bar sooner than remove the helmet of someone with suspected spinal injuries, but you have to use common sense. If they're not breathing, keeping their spine still isn't going to help.

    As for a trachectomy, they didn't cover that in senior first aid, or remote area first aid, but I learned how to do it from watching an episode of M*A*S*H.

  17. Noice.
  18. Ok, I know there was a thread bout it some time ago, but I cant seem to find it. Can anyone suggest a good riders first aid course? St Johns do list one, but it seems to only be available in NSW.
  19. Just curious but how would you propose cutting through a chin bar, especially while trying to keep their head still?

    I'm thinking removing the helmet would be less traumatic.

    :LOL: @ M.A.S.H
  20. +1 to Lavender oil.. been using it on burns for years. amazing stuff