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First Aid Kit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Greydog, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Have searched, but came up empty. Happy to read any links if this is incorrect.

    Anyway, for general touring/day trips (not going across the Nullabor for example), what would you include in your first aid kit?

    Would like to keep it small and packable. Not something I'll need a trailer to bring along.

    ETA: Nothing fits under the seat of the Z, so would have to carry it, hence small/light.
  2. Aspirin, paracetamol, no-doze (caffeine), antihistamines, 1/4" strapping tape, scissors, and maybe some non-stick dressings.
  3. 800px-Piersi%C3%B3wka_ubt.
    For purely medicinal reasons of course. :)
  4. Something to stop bleeding - sling, strap ankles etc - heavy flexible bandage
    some panadol for pain releif, a pair of scissors, some bandaids, most things found in a pretty basic first aid kit

    In addition a decent supply of sterile water for flushing out eyes. They come in 10mL tubes you can break the top off and squirt.

    A good quality leathermans type tool is always handy.

    Keep your bikes tool kit on hand. It never ceases to amaze me how many people break down on a group ride and ask for tools, for their bike. "Have you got the correct hex key for a blackbird battery cover?"
  5. Toolkit is always on the bike, so no worries there.

    Thanks for your suggestions - keep 'em coming.
  6. We got ours from Hip Pocket Toowoomba. Cost us about $30 posted. May have been a special price as the manager is a member of our bike club. More stores nation wide so just use the store locator on the home page.

    For a small kit it has more than what I will need. Only bought it on the reverse logic prinicple. "If I haven't got one, I'll need it. If I have one, I won't need It"......lol

    The first one or two on the following link.

    http://www.hippocketworkwear.com.au/Search/1/first aid kit.aspx
  7. Space blanket - good for shock or generally keeping warm; can use as a sling. Takes up minimal space. ASMA course taught us how to move someone off the road using one too.
  8. frozen bag of peas
  9. clean underwear
  10. band aid
    and um post above from MT1 quote of jd - he would need additional lubricant
  11. I keep this (or something very like it) in the little space under my pillion seat.

    For a serious incident, the only useful thing a first aid kit can realistically help with is stopping blood loss (i.e. bandage, but you can improvise with a shirt, etc.). Splinting broken bones is a lower priority. Gloves are good for protecting yourself.

    Having something to cut clothes may help in certain situations, but nothing you'll be carrying will get through leather in a hurry.

    The rest (band aids, panadol, etc.) are just to make you more comfortable, or to help with wiping up blood so there's less of an eww factor in treating someone.
  12. +1

    I almost forgot
  13. My first aid pack has the following:

    Coldpack instant cold compress (I don't need the frozen peas :p)
    Triangular bandage
    Crepe bandage
    Refresh eye drops
    Irrigation solution
    Micropore tape
    Large latex bandaids
    Emergency Rescue Blanket

    I've got this stored in a plastic sealed 16cm X 13cm container.
  14. Just pack the duct tape, Bandaids are for wimps :)

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  15. You only pack the duct tape if you're going to throw in the cable ties...
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  16. Have a look here Motorcycle First Aid Kit and also look into first aid training.

    Just to note: NEVER give asprin/parcetamol/codiene etc to an injured person. They thin the blood (making it harder to stop the bleeding) and dulls the pain, so the person might think they are fine, when they are not.

    Cheers, Lee
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  17. You're right about the aspirin thinning the blood - paracetamol doesn't though.
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  18. After reading this load of bollocks,I need a self dentistry kit.
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  19. 0b2dbbe6_article-0-034B9396000005DC-526_468x608.
    All you'll ever need Blabs.
  20. fire extinguisher