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First Accident

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by virtual_circuit, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Was cruising home from work, and approching the turn onto parramatta rd, when a hyundai excel from the other side of the road shot out from a driveway and accross the road, made me swerve close to the gutter to avoid, and i think the trees there are maple as there were leaves everywhere so when i braked bike slide out and went for a 360 gravel grind :p i slid and jumped up so fast as i thought i might get run over. Next thought was oh shit my bike!! i got the guy to help me pick her up and she is alright, just has a heaps scratched up muffler and a bit ground off the end of the handlebars and brake leaver and a few scratches here and there, she still looks alright though and the last rider had dropped her there already so isn't much worse anyways...

    I am ok am gonna need a new helmet, draggins held up heaps well only have one small tear, and my leather jacket just has a small tear as well. I went down probably at about 50km/h and am glad i didn't hit anything and just slid. I gave a grazed knee and some heat rash just above my hip and a big bruise about the size of my hand on my hip. I suppose i at least know what it feels like to chuck her down the road now. Funny how the first thing that came to mind as i jumped up was is she ok!!!

    Little bit annoyed as i am in the middle of training so wont be able to run for the next few days, but i spose i am not to badly hurt so should be happy with that, will see if there is anymore bruises in the morning.

    My tip would be definatly get a jacket with armor in it, as i am not sore at all above the hips, just bruised hip and ego.
  2. First accident posts are good, because they mean you didn't get too hurt to make a thread about it.

    Glad you hear you're OK :)
  3. Also would i be able to buy a replacement foot peg at MCAS?
  4. F*&%!

    Glad you are, more or less, OK mate.

    +1 for a jacket with armour
  5. Sorry to hear, but good you are OK, what are you training for?
    Go to a pharmacy and get some Comfrey or Arnica. If you dont have a wheat pack, get one. Stick some of the cream on the bruise, then get cling wrap and put it over your hip so it sticks. Place the wheat pack on it, maybe with a towel over it so it doesnt burn you. Leave it there to sweat up a treat.
    Two things happen, it helps to break up the congealed blood subcutaneously, and the Arnica/Comfrey work to heal the muscles faster.
    I came off my bicycle and tore my shoulder badly, this healed me in about half the time and I was back doing triathlons in no time (8 months, was told 16 months!)
  6. Yeah i put iodine on the graze, and applied ice and a pressure bandage to the bruise, it was only about 2km from home so should hopefully heal up quicker than if i left it. I will just increase my weight training in the meantime :p

    Training for the city to surf in August, and the Blackmores Sydney running festival in September. I am not really much of a running, more of a swimmer so have been slowly building up my leg and lower back strength :p
  7. Ditch the pressure bandage ASAP, gotta get that blood out of there. Unless you have heaps of swelling, then do the R.I.C.E thing.

    what were you training for?
  8. Glad to hear you got through relatively unscaved.
    Yep ... you are a rider
  9. Questions; what happened to the car, did it stop, was the driver aware that he/she had caused an accident to a motorcyclist?

    Whatever the answer is to the first question determines the second; did you call the Police and report the accident?

    I guess you were able to ride home, but is the bike insured?

    And lastly, please consider, as I continue harping on about, wearing SOMETHING, ANYTHING under Draggins; yes, they are the bees knees, but, YES, Kevalr burns as bad as tar does.
  10. I didnt know that hornet! Glad I do. I wont be wearing pants that dont have hard pastic knee and hip plates.
  11. I's not 'hard' that matters, although that helps with impact. Kevlar stops the trousers ripping and exposing your skin, but the kevlar grips the ground and your legs keep moving, and the kevlar abrades your skin like a coarse sand-paper. I always get ribbed for saying it, but I wear either gym tights or cotton thermals under the Draggins. The layer of material between your skin and the Kevlar saves it from being burned, honest, I've got the non-scars to prove it.
  12. Good to hear you didn't get too hurt much. You sound very dedicated to your training. You got some bragging rights now when you turn up to the gyms with bandages.

    Didn't know about the Kevlar thing also, so good tip hornet.
  13. Yeah the driver stopped he was a pommy bloke, helped me pick up the bike and put it on the side of the road, thinking about it now he was only half in my lane and i didn't contact his car so i am not 100% sure who is at fault as i washed out the front. Doesn't really matter as the bike had been previously dropped on that side, will cost me just a new helmet and footpeg i think non of the expensive helmets fit my head properly for some reason (i've got a big noggin) so shouldn't be that much.

    I have only got third party insurance but i bought the bike for fun not as a commuter, if i wanted to i could walk to work in 20 minutes :p instead i ride the long way home everyday, and take her out almost every weekend i have had a chance so far! I swear the leaf litter i washed out on felt more slippery than when i did practise braking in the rain.... Actually when she shot out from under me it pretty much felt exactly the same as falling off my mountain bike, cept was weird sliding along the ground for so far.

    Cheers for the tip about the kevlar, when i go riding on the weekend i will definatly consider putting on some cotton thermal pants.
  14. Glad to hear your ok! If if its any consolation (about the bike), I was backing mine out of commercial driveway in total darkness last last night and didnt see a pole right next to me. When I took off with a slight lean to the left I smashed and dragged the exhaust pipe all the way on the pole and the shunt blew the rear indicator globe, STUPID!!! for just one moment I didnt turn my head around as I was waddling back......

    So, any minute of any day whether it be out on the road, in the garage, on a driveway, there are plenty of your fellow riders who are adding love bites and scratches to their 2 wheelers. The main thing is that your up and about and being positive about your experience. Good on you.

    What Hornet600 said about the Thermals, thats gold advice and I have just bought a pair to put under my draggins. Gotta cover all bases.

    I started a thread DRAGGINS VS LEATHERS a few days ago just on this point. Some interesting comments and great advice on there if your interested.

  15. Yeah for a corked thigh it is best to do RICE, for the first 48 hours untill the muscle has had time to heal, then i can start with some light streaches and running to get the blood out of there. If i move it around too much in the first 48 hours it just allows more blood to enter the bruised area (had a few of these back when i use to play footy and someone lands on your thigh with there elbow or knee :p)

    gpxkermit250, yeah it is very easy to get in trouble, suppose thats why we are on 250's just learning with plenty of time to get experience by ourselves and from other riders :p. Yeah she has a few love bites on her now, if i knew she wasn't so filthy i would let her sleep in my room :p