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First accident

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Joleda, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Well I had my first accident last night on the way to nightshift at 11pm, I have a few giant bruises and a little sore but otherwise okay.
    The striple is still rideable, lost a mirror, front indicator and cracked the side fairing and the other grey plastic piece that sits underneath it has a fair few cracks in it also. Plus some scrapes and scratches on the exhaust and what not.
    My shoes went flying so had to hobble around and find them, will be wearing my riding boots from now on I think and taking shoes in my bag.

    Needless to say I didn't go to work last night but I am here tonight, was still a little dazed on the drive in.

    It was my own fault and I wasn't paying attention, I can try and blame not sleeping and 12 hour night shifts but in the end It still comes down to me.

    Cant wait for my new mirror to arrive so I can get back on though :love:
  2. Glad you're ok, what did you learn from it ?
  3. Sorry to hear that, glad to hear you were not hurt!
  4. Ouch! How did it happen, Joleda?
  5. Glad you are ok, the bike will fix. Take care.
  6. Thanks all.
    I think it might have been the side stand, I must have not put it up properly or hit it or something, it was down when I crawled out from under the bike
  7. Glad you're ok. Must have been a shock!

  8. Glad you're ok Joleda, but normally if the side stand is down, the engine will cut out unless in neutral? Is that what happened?

    I guess the import thing from this event is that you analyse what went wrong. It would be interesting to know if you're willing to share with us...
  9. When my partner came he said it was still in gear, I tested putting it into gear with the stand down this morning because I thought the same thing - it cut out as expected. So im not too sure. I had only had 3 hours sleep over 36 hours and on the way to another 10 hr shift, so it honestly could have been anything stupid related I guess lol. But the side stand was definitely down when I got up.
  10. Get some rest and then think more about it... It would be interesting to know what led up to the incident.

    I know myself that when a hairy situation arises, I do a bit of post analysis. It helps a lot with understanding where you can hone your skills and/or be prepared for something in the future.

    The main thing though, is that you are fine.
  11. Oh no , Joleda ! Sorry to hear about this but glad you're ok ! 3hrs sleep in 36 and on the way to do another 10 ? I would almost guarantee that was the root cause behind the crash - I put my Fireblade that I used to have (12yrs ago) through a fence at 100 kph because I'd had only about 5.5 hrs sleep in 2 days doing night shift - lesson learned.
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  13. Oh man! not the 'blade!
  14. Yeah , was a 'limited edition' Erion Racing version - needless to say it was totalled
  15. I'm glad your feet weren't damaged. I really don't understand why motorbike boots have to be so impossible to wear. The pair I brought when I first got my bike has collected dust for over 5 years. Fortunately I have boots just as suitable.
  16. As a 60 hr a week truck driver ive had to skip a few days here and there on the bike knowing i'd be too tired for it. I found sometimes the adreneline you get from getting out there on the bike on a Sat morning simply doesnt last the day no matter how much fun your having and sooner or later the eyes are feeling heavy and you know your not 100% yet you still need to ride home from wherever.
    I honestly never thought i could get sleepy on a bike with the wind in my face but i was wrong so now i make better decisions before something goes wrong.
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  17. wow thats awful! im certainly glad I was still in my estate because I never go fast in my area.

    Yeah, its always been wearing my slip ons because of laziness/inconvenience of changing from boots once I got to work, but ill just suck it up from now on, I dont need to damage my feet to learn my lesson!

    It was the first time I jumped on the bike being so tired, I normally have always taken the car because im better protected if the unthinkable happened. I just really felt like taking him :oops:
    unfortunately due to the muscle pain im in now and the annoying golf ball sized bruises I keep bumping I wont be doing it again!

  18. I work in security, its not 36 hours straight, just 12 hour shifts backed onto one another, I wasn't able to sleep inbetween apart from one hour in the early afternoon and a broken 2 hours worth of naps (some at work shhhh:rolleyes:)

    I am on the hunt for a day job again, definitely not coping with the 3 sets of nightshifts a month. Almost put my car through the wall tonight in the carpark, fatigue is definitely a big player in all of this :sleep:
  19. ^^^ oooooh , you seriously need to get some rest . Can't stress this enough. I've done shift work for 20yrs and have learnt to recognize the signs of sleep deprivation - I'll literally knock off work sometimes and sleep in the car for a while before driving home if I'm feeling too tired .
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  20. I wish I could sleep, I just can't lately. I think its like an overtired thing or something. Im trying to tee up a week off to just sleep and recover. Ive tried talking to management about how the night shifts are set up but they just said I dont manage my own fatigue properly :mad: easy to say when they work mon to fri day shifts.

    I can lay there for 7 hours and not sleep more than 5 minutes at a time before something wakes me up. I have an eye mask and ear plugs in and still nothing. Doesnt help I moved out west where its 40 degrees pretty much. I need to lay off watching walking dead as well i think :eek: