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First accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by coastmike, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. :-({|=I knew it was going to happen sooner or later but atleast I'm almost unscathed.
    Riding home from work last night I misjudged a turn and due to my reaction times being quite slow(recovering from pneumonia), I ended up turning too quickly too late. Ended up on my lhs sliding towards a traffic island curb with the bike ontop of me. My first reaction was "what have I done to my baby?". Damage incurred is all front end with the headlight, speedo, tacho and key switch all badly damaged. I have severe bruising to my hip and shoulder but I'm all good. now about to make that call to the dreaded insurance company about repairing my CB400. oh and before I forget, I cannot stress the importance of proper riding gear. Without it my injuries would've been much worse!

  2. If you knew it was going to happen then I guess it was inevitable.

    Codral would have worked better than ATGATT.

    Glad you are ok.
  3. Glad you're ok, Mike. We can fix the bike, replace it if needed. You on the other hand...
  4. Glad to hear you're ok.

    Probably worth a rethink on what went wrong, as I doubt that too much lean angle for a new rider was the issue, unless you had washed off too much speed.

    Get your head around what you did wrong, then go practice the skills you should have applied in a non traffic environment, otherwise you are destined to repeat it when out on the road. And there's only so much protective gear you can replace.......
  5. ATGATT all the way glad your wounds are only superficial :) not to bad hahaha.

    My dad...of all people has always said to not ride when even a little sick your judgement differs when your sick and you...zone out more i noticed so i dont ride anymore while sick :)
  6. There is your problem right there. If I thought crashes were inevitable I wouldn't be getting on the bike.

    Glad your OK, being pinned under your bike and sliding is almost always going to be a tough one. Your first lowside will always be annoying. You will stay way too upright around corners for a while. How were the conditions? Wet Dry? Was the corner in an intersection? I treat corners on intersection in the dry like I would treat a normal corner in the wet, too many unknowns.

    Mind the abuse you will get about suggesting ATGATT. People here do not like being told to ATGATT. I don't particularly either (however I do ATGATT most of the time), but I can understand why you want to tell people to.
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  7. great to hear you are ok apart from bruising. hopefully they dont find frame damage while they fix your bike.

    a lot of CAR oil builds up at intersections, especailly the 2 pole front spots. i rolled up to an intesection, and as i went to put my foot down to settle the bike it slipped a little at one of the bigger intercections. was a dry warm day.
  8. Glad you're ok and I hope the insurance company plays nice.
  9. Get well soon, on both accounts.
    It does take a while to regain confidence after a lowside. I still ride bolt upright in the wet.

    Holding the 'everyone crashes eventually' opinion is probably not doing your riding any favors. A positive attitude and sharp mind goes a long way.

    ATGMOTT? :)
    Don't tell me you say ATM machine...
  10. I was quite proud of my record until now. I went back to the scene of the accident and there was a large amount of oil on the road but it wasn't a wet night. I probably wont change my riding technique though because it's done me well in the past. I've had many near misses, especially from 4wd kid carriers and taxis but I've always managed to steer my way out of trouble. It was more of a case of everyone else telling me that I'll crash one day, not me teling myself. I worded that one wrong. All I can say is that advanced rider training courses are the best investment as is all of my riding gear.
  11. I don't think anyone's said it yet, but DO get a medical check-up, even though you 'feel' okay, okay??
  12. I have heard it said that riding or driving with a cold or flu is like being over .05. It significantly reduces your reaction times, and interferes with concentration and perception of hazards etc. I would avoid it wherever possible.
  13. I am a total nanna in all corners. If I can not see the sureface clearly I plan for a loose/oily patch and take the corner at a speed that it would have no impact on me.

    I guess this kinda takes the fun out of it but I just wanna stay upright.

    And no, I do not ever expect to crash, ever (respect to Blabs and others on setting me straight on this mindset) . And, for what it is worth I dress like the Michellin man every time I get on the bike, my choice, does not have to be yours,.
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  14. Were you wearing a neck brace? does not sound like ATGATT to me. You should be ashamed.
  15. when i got my L plates 2 years ago, the instructor told teh class that if

    you have a fight with someone
    upset and angry about something

    do not ride.
  16. Yeah I remember them saying that too, pretty difficult to avoid when it's your only form of transport rain/hail/shine/divorce/psychopathic event. The same could also be said for driving - if you're that emotionally stressed it affects your concentration.
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  17. Good to hear you'r not hurt. These things happen so quickly. Lots of oil/diesel around in lots of places. Sometimes you can even smell the bloody diesel on the road.
  18. Also, if you have a fight or confrontation on the road best to take your helmet off as it is pretty easy to grab, twist and break your neck when it is on.
  19. Just headbutt them
  20. It doesn't matter if your neck is broken, so long as your ankles are fine.