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First accident, this thread isn't to biatch. just a thanx

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raiden337, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Today i was hit by a four wheel drive and i'm not making this thread to biatch and whine. I simpy want to thank the two bikers that helped me and offered help today, the BMW rider, thank you.

    The Gixxer rider that offered me the use of his house whilst i went to get my trailor, thank you. I'm fine my legs just a bit stiff and my claim through insurance has been authorised and being quoted for repairs on monday.

    Again thank you for sticking around and giving witness statements, the driver tried to blame me so your statements really helped me out.

    Also the Moordi police were fantastic, ambulance drivers great and very caring.

    Damage report: Broken brake lever, snapped handlebars, snapped mirror, bashed up fairings, scratched exhaust and it wont start... even an after an hour of being on the stand after the accident.

    As for me, swollen leg and a small scratch from a peg digging in just above my boot and one VERY sore left toe.

  2. Dude that sucks. At least you relatively OK. Especially seeing it was bike vs 4WD.

    What happened and why did they try and blame you for it
  3. Glad to read your relatively ok and that your insurance has gone through nicely.

    The one thing I can suggest which helped me after my accident is to soak in a nice warm bath with Lectric Soda Crystals
    took the aches away nicely. They are found in the laundry section of the supermarket.

    and last but not least blessings to the riders who helped you out

  4. Looks like someone else is trying to get hyos off the road. :grin:

    But seriously, glad your insured, the bike can be fixed and you will heal.

    I hope you have learnt by now, they are all out to get you.

    Stay safe.
  5. Good on ya mate, you could have made that a spray for the 4WD driver but you didn't.
    Glad you came through relatively unscathed and good luck getting you and the bike back on the road.
    And of course, kudos to the riders who helped you out.
  6. If your injured in an accident like you have and its the other drivers fault what do you do if they have insurance. Apart from the obvious get their details, police report how do you get your bike fixed? Do you have to contact the driver at faults insurance company? Sorry I am very inexperienced in this field.
  7. hey guys,

    bike is getting assessed at Peter Stevens now, As for the most recent question regarding the insurance side of things. It is best to let your insurance company just deal with the small details after all it is the reason we pay them so much.

    All you have to do it give the insurance company the other drivers information
    Car registration
    Phone number if possible.

    Then your insurance company will take care of the rest, the most important thing to do no matter how minor the accident, CALL THE POLICE! This will give you an official report on the incident and wil stand up in court should it come to that.

    As for me, I'm healing nicely I had a nce soak after the accident and yeah it did help. My bruising is starting to come to the surface today, the ambo girl did say the internal bleeding would come to the surface in a few days. Massive bruise lol All i can think about is riding my bike again.

    I filled up the car a couple of days ago... ouchies! $80 tank and that'll only last me a week. compared to the $20 Hyo tank for the same distance.
  8. Just an update to this thread,

    Tomorrow I am picking up my bike, The insurance company have decided it is in my best interest to have the bike repaired back to ridable condition. The panels will not be replaced yet due to backorder.

    My Hyosung panels have been onback order since the 20th so yeah, i miss my bike. Not sure when they will be in but once they are deliverd i will again drop my bike in the well experiances hands of Peter Steven's Dandenong.

    So yeah this will be my first time back on the bike since the accident, I feel fine about it. just excited to get back out there ;)
  9. Bit of a delay, but thats life :(
    How did the insurance go? did they find him at fault in the end? Kinda sucks when people fcuk up and won't admit it :(
  10. :( That sucks, Raiden, hope you're healing nicely.

    I really abhor 4Wd drivers who think they own the road :evil: The only thing worse than them are those doof doof boys who hoon around regardless of pedestrians/bikes :evil: :evil: :evil:

    That being said though, glad you're ok, and hats off to the riders that lent a helping hand! :)
  11. Sorry to hear of your accident .. a 4WD no less :shock:
    Glad your injuries were not as bad as they could've been.
    :applause: to the riders that assisted You.
    Hope You and the Hyo are up and about soon.

    :LOL: @Grey Gentry
  12. I always wondered where the aches and pains come from - now I know where I can go to get some more :LOL:

    Congrats on getting through this in one piece ......
  13. Yeah insurance never called me back, no complications. The police called me once more to ask if i was over taking any parked cars at the time of the incident, to this i replied "not unless there were cars parked on the rail tracks". So good to be back on two wheels though, even if it did piss down all the way home from work ;)
  14. Being both a new learner and also a 4WD driver and also a standard car we all do silly things on the road. As a rider I have seen many other riders cut throught the smallest of gaps to make it to the next set of lights 5 seconds before the cars. As a 4WD owner it is harder to see bikes and other cars as the mirrors are higher than a standard car and I have seen some 4WD do things that imply they are invinsible. As a car driver it can be hard to see past 4WDs and trucks and sometimes tend to change lanes and almost colliding with other vehicles. I believe that in nearly 99% of cases incidents can be avoided if ALL road users did one thing....Concetrate. There are good and bad in all forms of road user and I must admit I have done some pretty silly things but have also managed to avoid any accident in the last 30 years. But as I have said that I am a new learner I am sure I will have one. I have have come close but managed to stay upright..... so far. I am glad you came out of yours pretty unscathed and I am sure the 4WD owner is rueing the move he made to cause it. Etelmo made a comment about people stuffing up and no admitting to it. Well if you read every insurance policy it clearly states you "MUST NOT" admit fault even if it is blatentky your fault. If you do you risk the insurance company not paying up.