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First a VTR 250 - now what?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dazza139, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Merry Christmas (by the way)

    My full licence came through in December and now I'm out to get upgrade from my VTR 250 which has been fantastic. I did at least 4000 km on it in a year of commuting. A lot of fun

    Now it was easy to decide to get a VTR250 because everyone on this forum said such good things about them. The problem is that I have no idea where to start when it comes to my next bike. The important points are:

    1) has to be a great daily commuter
    2) Preferably a more upright seating position
    3) has to have luggage options and preferably hard luggage i,e top box and panniers so that I can store my work stuff on it. I'm not into the Ventura pack range
    4) has to be a bit of fun in the weekend with luggage taken off.
    5) has to be a good choice for a novice rider. I want a bike that's going to allow me to progress in my skills but one that won't limit me in a short period of time. Equally I don't want a bike that I could kill myself on (that probably rules them all out doesn't it!)
    6) A bike that might be suitable for the occasional touring would be good.
    7) I'd prefer not to buy new and but price isn't a limiting factor to me

    Of course I've made a fairly uninformed shortlist of bikes that appeal to me and fill some of the above features. I worry that some of them might be too much to handle for a rider with only a year's experience but I would appreciate some opinions

    Triumph Sprint ST
    Honda VFR 800
    Honda CBR 600 RR
    BMW F650 GS or BMW F800ST
    BMW R1200R

    I like the look and the thought of owning a european bike. I'm also a little bit nervous about test riding bikes that are substantially bigger than what I'm used to. Is this just something to get over?

    I would appreciate anybody's feedback on this one. Thanks in advance

  2. id look at the mid range naked bikes, FZ6S/n,Z750 would suite your needs pretty perfectly. a VFR800 would also do the job nicely, i know that bike has alot of factory hard luggage options available.

    a F650 GS would also be a good option and give you a bit more flexibilty if it comes to doing some mild adventure touring.
  3. test ride, test ride, test ride, only way your really going to know
  4. dazza139 wrote:
    Looking at your criteria how in the world did a cbr600rr make your list? :shock:
  5. lol i thought the same but didnt want to offend
  6. Kawasaki ER6F/N, and also look at suzuki gsx650f, both meet all requirements.
  7. sounds like a BMW would meet all your needs comfortably.
  8. I had a VTR for a while, and upgraded to the SV650. Found the riding position to be comparable, and still have the v-twin grunt that the inline 4's lack....

    And get one with a nice pipe and the sound is sensational :cool:
  9. looking at your criteria, i wouldn't go for the CBR...

    yes, they're the sexiest, g-string of an adorable motorcycle...call me biased and roll me in honey...but i would go the ER6-f, SV650, gsx650f route...
  10. my opinion is you have 4-5 weeks experience. get up some more kays!! what a waste of a good VTR :p 35,000km in 7 months on mine, still got 5 months on restrictions yet.

    on a more handy note :LOL: i reckon the SV would be great. im of the same considering factors as you, like the comfy ride, the V-twin grunt, the sound, ability to tour/take luggage, but still plenty of fun on days in the hills. im more of a naked fan too, so bugger the viffer.

    and a CBR??? :LOL:

    have fun mate!
  11. goz i didn't want to offend either, but i just couldn't help pointing out the black sheep in the flock.
  12. I am in a similar situation..

    I have taken a liking to trimph Street triple.
    seemed like a good setp up from the VTR250...
    plenty of power, light weight and nible... not really a full race bike,, but heaps of fun.
    has a love or hate look about it..

    not sure about the extra baggage.. but im sure there will be a ventura rack availible.
  13. The er6 is a very underrated bike. I think it is close to perfect for what you want. Love mine.
  14. Thanks for the comments so far and sorry about the curve ball with the CBR 600RR. Perhaps I am getting confused. Is there a CBR600R. I know someone who commutes with one of these which is why I mentioned it. I haven't looked outside the brands I mentioned so I will have a look at kawasaki and suzuki as per the comments above. Without test driving I think I'm leaning towards to the VFR800 mainly because i think it's more value for money that the european bikes and has the hard luggage. Anyone know what a set of hard luggage for one of these would cost? Panniers and top box?
  15. dazza139 wrote:
    ah. I think you are refering to the cbr600 f/fi/f4i. Yeah one of these would fit your criteria.

    Also don't take my word for this, i've just read it somewhere that if you are going the full panier option. the Sprint comes standard with them and actually works out cheaper than buying the honda with the paniers as extras. But like i said i don't know this for certain, but if it is true it might be worth considering.
  16. I just got my VFR all luggaged up.

    Older style Givi Wingrack on ebay - $97
    Fitting kit for VFR800 VTEC - $145 brand new
    52 litre Givi top box - $497

    With the Wingrack I can buy some panniers later when I want the extra storage and just clip them on. Otherwise would have gone for the Monorack.

    Should be a good base for what you want, I think. The Honda kit looks good, but I didn't have the cash for it. I can live without colour matching as the Givi kit is black and red anyway, mainly.

    BTW, CBR600F4i might be ideal for you. It's like a sports bike, but with a tourer seating position and a big comfy seat. Quick, fun on the track and can handle a pillion.

    But I love my VFR more :p Good luck deciding.
  17. An update

    Thanks for all the advice. I've had a test ride on each of my top 3 bikes and the VFR 800 wins in my opinion.

    BMW F800ST was a bit rough and ready - clunky gear box, handlebars were too upright, just didn't suit me somehow. Base bike is pretty limited and everything is an optional expensive extra

    SPRINT ST - really enjoyed this bike. Tall bike but OK for me at 5 ft 11. Slightly snatchy throttle I thought. Legs heated up by the engine. Seating position was a little uncomfortable. I felt squashed into the tank. Windshield didn't seem to give me much protection at motorway speeds. At least you get everything for the price. 1 litre bike - maybe a bit much for 1st upgrade from VTR250.

    VFR 800 - very nice. Nice seat and low enough to be able to have good foot contact with the ground. Nice handlebar position and excellent winshield. Smooth gear box and VTEC was predictable - not as terrifying as I thought it might be.

    So in summary - think I'm going to buy a new VFR 800 tommorow - silver. Would like to get the factory luggage but it's very pricey.
  18. :woot:

    And the engine note (even with the stock exhaust) when the VTEC kicks in :LOL:

    I'm sure you'll love it.
  19. Any advice on the luggage. I understand there is OEM and givi. OEM is very pricey - colour matched panniers. Givi do a top box and panniers which is a fair bit cheaper. I probably don't need both top box and panniers. Which is better to have? A top box or 2 panniers? I want to be able to store helmet, jacket, gloves, and maybe even boots on bike when I go into town. It would be good to fine some photos of both types of luggage on a VFR 800 to compare
  20. I'll take a pic of my luggage tomorrow, but see my post at the top of the page for the price.

    The box fits 2 helmets, 2 sets of gloves and a jacket at a push. Should fit helmet, gloves and boots fine. I'd get a top box over 2 panniers.