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First 600 thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bigboss, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hey all, new to netrider and just wanting some experianced opinions on this subject. Im running a '99 ZX-2R C model atm as im on my learners. now i maybe should have posted this in the learner section but i figure all the learners chill there and i want some people who know a bit to talk to. Ill be off the learner restrictions soon and be looking to upgrade at the start of next year. been riding since the start of this year so far so good. so now im just dreaming but cant help to talk about it with you all. this thread may have already been started so if someone already knows one they can link me and save the repeated answers but if its a little different than sweeeet.

    So of course im thinking of getting into the 600 market after my restrictions over and done with...now im not some hoon of a rider, but do love a long stretch of open road if you know what i mean. so as for the supersport market which im aiming at such as the big 4 japanese brands of honda,kawasaki, yamaha and suzuki which is best? or none of them and i should get a more friendlier more forgiving 'bigginer' 600??

    I have warmed to the gixxer very much as you can restrict the power output down to 400cc or does it really not matter where i go as a full season of riding is good enough for open options? im still a learner but im a confident one and i do feel very comfortable with my little pocket rocket 250...so all in all after a years of learning so to speak are all the 600's (supersports) no problem to get started with??

  2. soz got it all wrong as u need to be on ya p's for a full year not just at the start of ur first licence, but still same question apllies really just longer to dream and wait](*,)
  3. G'day BigBoss.

    Mate, I don't really think it makes a whole lot of difference. Opinions vary depending what people's personal prejudices and brand loyalties are. It's like asking an Aussie kid what's better - holdens or fords? Depends on what yer dad drives.

    I know several people who speak very highly of the Kawa 636. Some people will tell you that the R6 is not the quickest or best in absolutely stock trim, but by the time it's been prepped to superstock trim it is. ie - if you're going racing buy the R6 - otherwise drop it down a slot or two on your list. Some people find the GSXR the most comfortable and supple and tractable on the road. Others say it can lack a little for front end feel. Many people say the honda is the best built and the most conservative, and then knock it for being bland. Sounds like dumping a girl for being too pretty to me, but what would I know?

    Personally, I ride a ZX14 and I've not ridden any of the current crop of 600s, so I'm perhaps not the best qualified person to ask. I would make an attempt to get a test ride on all 4 so you can form an opinion. Failing that, at least throw a leg over them and sit for a few minutes out front of the shop and see what they feel like, in terms of comfort and ergonomics. See which one has the most easy and natural layout of switches and levers and so forth. See which one looks good to you. Looks matter at least a little bit, because at the end of the day - it's your money. You might as well like what you paid for.

    Like Kipling said - Give all men your ear but none too much. Listen, but make your own mind up.

    These guys usually give pretty comprehensive write-ups. How free from bias they are, I don't know, but most of the time they seem to be in broad agreement with all the other major mags around the place. I haven't actually read these, I just noticed they were there while reading the 1,000cc comparison, which I thought was very good.


  4. hahah shattered
  5. learners, 3 months

    red p's, 12 months...

    green ps, unrestricted capacity, pillion permitted, 0.00 bac, 24 months iirc.

    i wasnt too upset about only waiting 15 months for an unrestricted sportsbike =]

    nsw have it much much worse
  6. To clarify, are you looking at the newer bikes only?

    I don't think a 600 will be a problem for you. I'm not basing this on your riding skill because that's an unknown for me. What I'm basing it on is that fact that I don't believe the extra powah is dangerous if used maturely. My first upgrade from a 250 was to a CBR900RR and now I'm on a ZX9R. I find the main adjustment with bigger bikes is the weight at slow speed. That said, if you're careful not to drop it and develop your skill this is something you'll get used to.

    To illustrate with a real life example, two of my friends both have bikes. One friend borrowed a bike for his Ps test, and his first purchase was a 2007 CBR1000RR. He rides hard but always makes sensible decisions. He's never come off and I don't expect him to.
    My other friend has an unassuming GPX250 but he's always making silly decisions on the road. We always told him off, but his habits didn't change. The other night I went for a ride with him and he came off at 100kmph and ended up in a hedge. I'm glad I pressured him into buying protective gear.

    What I'm trying to get across, is handling a bike safely is more about your decision making than your cubic cms.

    As for the "which brand?" I don't think you could say any is superior. You'd have to compare individual bikes to say that. I'd recommend you look at bikes based on what you like the look of, what you can afford in good condition and what's going to match your use of the bike e.g I love my ZX9 because it's got all the raceyness I need but I can take it on long trips and be comfy.

    And they lived happily ever after. The end.
  7. 2nd post lol
  8. And the bias doesn't end with the Jap 4's... you also have Triumph with their 675 triple goodness ;)
  9. ^ This.
    All bikes have their differences, both large and subtle. Every rider is different. What I like in a bike, what bob likes, and what you like are usually going to be all different. If all 3 people rode the same bike, they would come to similar conclusions, but with different gripes. The only thing you can say for sure is build quality.

    The only thing you can do, is sit on the bike, get a feel for it. If your current bike is setup the way you like, perhaps compare how the two feel in comparison. But nothing will compare when you get your unrestricted license and can actually test ride.
    I've sat on a bunch of bikes in the showroom, and cannot wait to take them for a ride when I'm not restricted.
    Personally I'm looking at the CBR and the GSXR based on sitting on them and looks, but who knows what I'll think of them when I can ride them. And what other options will be up for consideration.
    Window shop, sit on them and ask questions. When you can, ride them. Do not however, pidgeon hole yourself onto a bike. If your set on bike X and don't look at anything else, you could miss out on something that suits you better.

    Check the reviews and the troubleshooting sections as well and see if a bike your interested in is listed. Getting feedback on other peoples experiences can help with your decision. IE: issues, things to look out for, recommendations etc
  10. What color is your jacket and helmet?
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  11. When you can, ride them all and buy the one you that you like the most. Simple.
  12. I went for an older model CBR600 for my first "big" bike. 2 years learning on a VTR250, racked up about 40000kms on it before I made the jump to 600cc. Never looked back. I found I had to learn a new set of skills in a way, riding a more powerful bike unlocks a whole array of goodness which you can't get from a LAMS bike. Easy on gas in the beginning and you'll be right.!
  13. One more worth thinking about. Hyosung GT650R. All the gear of the the "big four" but a shit load less money.
  14. yes, that bike is my baby. so from what you guys are saying there really isnt a reason into getting a 'bigginer' 600 after a good year or so on the lams bike...you know i dont want to kill myyself juuuuust yet but im becoming a confident rider and if a year and a bit on the road is good enough for just about anything than thats good enough for me.

    see my whole major point was that i want a daytona 675. end of story. now should i say go for a gixxer or ssay an r6 to just get a feel and take it all easy before i get an even bigger than them but if people have gone out to get 1000's than i guess its all sweet.
  15. I went from a 250 to an R1. I have a healthy respect for the throttle reaction.

    PS - It was white and matched my helmet.
  16. Although I used to ride in the 80's (Katana 1100 - it's a wonder I'm still here the stupid way I used to ride her), when I returned to riding in '09 I was forced to go through LAMS (bloody RTA and their records). I bought a GS500FK9 and rode it around for ~20 months before getting the D675. Sure, it felt a bit daunting at first and I twisted the throttle with some trepidation but that soon passed (read controlled/mature silliness). I did test ride the Gixxer and R6 but the broad torque range of the 675 won me over in the end. You can ride her as sedately or as hard as you wish depending on your mood and the number of points you've managed to rack up against your license :p.

    The last point for the litre class... some people here have actually downgraded stating that you can't really utilize the thou on the road ([MENTION=16699]raven[/MENTION] went from a 1000 to a D675 last year). In addition, if you live in NSW (don't know how this works for other states) the CTP jumps quite significantly (about 80% more) one you break the 725cc barrier. The D675 enjoys the same CTP costs as a 250 (category 2 - 225cc-725cc).
  17. Just get the 675 if that's what you want. It is ahead of the big 4 Jap bikes, and while "racier" it has that brilliant motor with all the grunt needed to punch out of corners.
    Next in line would be the honda 600RR.
    The rest (Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki), are'nt that flash in their 600 range. The triumph kills them, although a slipper clutch would be nice. :)
  18. I have a cbr600rr at the moment that I've tricked up a bit and I'm turning into a track bike. The cbr is a very good bike but as a spirited road riding bike it's got nothing on the 675s. I cry for my daytona every time I see one. The cbr is more comfitable and a bit better on the freeway, makes a touch more peak power, but if that's what you want a 600 for your looking at the wrong class of bike.
  19. OP, if you like long open stretches, i'd look at something a little more upright and "comfy" than a supersport... Not sure how comfy you find the full sports riding position, but it might get painful if your riding long distances OR that's your thing.

    Something like the SV650 or GT650S or Z750 (? i think?)

    The trick is doing what b12mick said... Just go and ride/sit on as many as you can and see what you like the most :D
  20. Beauty, yea the 675 will do. the engine sound on them 3 cycls makes me wet. i go for me p's this sunday yaahhoooo!!! thanks fellas