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First 3000klm on M1100 EVO

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. 3000 klm on a Ducati M1100 EVo.

    Been riding for a few decades.
    Last bike was a Suzuki M109, which I used for ALL my transport, commuting, pleasure, touring, shopping, business meetings etc.
    Had a small stroke last year, really a warning, but was left with reduced use of the left hand, some loss of balance, and a few anger issues (self inflicted).
    The 109 is a good bike, but far too heavy for me to manhandle now, especially since I am about to have my knees replaced. Want to keep riding though!.

    I reckon I looked at almost everything, before finding myself back at the ducati dealers for what seemed like the 100th time. Hypermotard was one choice, REALLY liked the multistrada, and the streetfighter 848 looked the ducks guts.
    But I bought the Monster - why?

    Really practical seating position, 1100 evo is the most powerful monster so far, and its reputation as a sweet urban ride is legendary. And it has a hydraulic clutch, ABS and it is red, which everyone knows is faster.
    SO without even a test ride, I bought it.
    COuple of mods though, have had heated grips on every bike since the 90's, same with a ventura rack, and drop the front sprocket one tooth so school limits have 2 gears to choose from.

    On pickup, the bike proved that it was very different from the M109. The flywheel is very light, so a proper warmup is essential, else you will stall it everywhere.
    First 1000 klms let me know what it was like to ride a lighter bike, and one with sweet handling. Been a while since I could change lines in corners, and the clearance is huge. Seat is nowhere near as comfy, so a 'comfort seat' was on its way real soon.
    up to 2500 klms, it let me know how to keep the front wheel hanging, and my cornering education began again. brakes are so different, but should be, being bigger brakes, and a weight less than half the M109. Dont worry about orange lights near as much anymore.
    Adapting to the different rev range didnt cause me the headache I thought it would be, just keep it spinning along above 4500 rpm, and it will reward you with a meaty middle range.

    Still have some chicken strips, but they are getting smaller, the bike seems to just corner real well, without leaning it too far, or hanging off like a weekend warrior. If I could pick just one thing I like about the bike it is the cornering. It just inspires confidence.
    It just does it so well, it you will always get around the corner, most of the time, much faster than you thought possible.

    Dislikes, the seat, but you cant have everything. The horn is next to useless.
    The dash is fine, but the italians sure do some things differently.
    The fuel tank is a measly 13 litres, good for 170-200 klms. When 'reserve' is hit, the fuel light comes on, and the dash tells you how far you have traveled on the reserve light, HUH?
    would be much easier if they told you how far until you are walking?

    Yep, it has got me. Looking forward to a few more klm yet, 3000 klm in two months, cant count the first month, I had surgery, and could not ride.
    Normally manage about 20,000 klm a year, on track with this bike too.

    It is a keeper. The monster is a great ride.
    BTW, the engine roar around 6000rpm on full throttle is just heaven!.
  2. congrats on the new ride, glad you found a set of wheels to suit yuour needs. Keep the smile going .
  3. Sounds like a fine ride, don't forget to post some pics!
  4. glad you're enjoying it :)
  5. I have the same function on the Bandit (or GSX1250FA if you want to get technical)I find it useful, allows me to see how far I can push the 1st reserve.

    If the stars lined up a different way when I got into riding, I'd probably have a Monster as well. Or the streetfighter, or the hyper motards....=P~
  6. (y) Good that you're enjoying from the leap from a cuiser to a Ducati Monster.
  7. I would love one of those how far you have gone on empty gauges.

    The furtherest ive ever gotten was 130km on the reserve light of my car, which is a Subaru impreza.

    My bike doesnt even have a fuel gauge.