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First 3 weeks on my L's.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Andy-G, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Hi, I am new to net rider, but I thought I would post up a summery of my first few weeks riding. I bought a Yamaha XS250 for $600 and sat my learners test in the following week, and everything went smoothly because I have had some riding experience in the past. So the next day I took my certificate into ServiceTas to sit the exam (which was also easy as i have been driving for a couple of years) and then I decided to ride my bike to work that day. This was fine and I scored a great park right under my work.

    So the first few days of riding were similar to the first and apart from stalling once at the lights I didnt have any issues.......until my day off came, I had been looking forward to a day of riding since I bought the bike so in the morning I couldnt wait to get out there, but when I got to the eastern shore (of Hobart) it was rianing quite heavily and my helmet was fogging up, I headed to my girlfriend's house and then tragety happened... :( I was slowing up in her street and the all of a sudden my back wheel locked up (I was using the rear brake as it was really slippery) and I couldnt accelerate out of trouble as i was heading for a row of parked cars. So I went over, hard.

    The bike looked pretty stuffed and I thought I must've broken my wrist for the pain I was in. Luckily my good friend has a trailer, so the bike was towed back to my garage. The next day was a Saterday so there were no wreckers open, and I was very sore in all of my muscles (I must have tensed up a lot during the crash), so I inspected the bike: Broken headlight, Indicators, clutch lever, gear lever, speedo/tacho cable, mirrors and some scratches :cry: :cry: :cry:

    On the monday I rang my friend at the wreckers, and with great luck he had a donor bike for me. So $160 later I had all the bits to fix my bike, and for the next 4 days thats what I did (the wiring was the hardest, it made me lose a lot of sleep), oh, I must say that the reason I had all this time to work on the bike was because after telling work about my accident and my unability to work the coming few days they promptly fired me (fcuked, i know, i appealed, but it turns out thy had the right thanks to Mr. Howard). So after spending some quality time with the bike it was going again, and in better condition than when I bought it. Since then I have been riding heaps around different areas to build up my skill, so hopefully I won't go down again.

    Anyway, that is my story. Or the start of a very long bike story rather.

    Lucky it was only a $600 bike.
  2. Great story! Sorry to hear about the bastards giving you the flick after the accident, WorkChoices my ass Mr Howard!

    I'm amazed at how cheap it was to repair the bike considering you said you went down hard. If I crash my bike I'll probably cry seeing as its fully faired and bloody expensive to repair. :(
  3. [​IMG]
    That's a bugger that they fired you! It really does seem like an over-reaction to you needing a bit of time off.

    Good on you for being able to fix your bike.
  4. it was my first try at bike repair, but after fixing cars it was easy. I was lucky I didnt bend any of the frame I guess. The funny thing was, the bike at the wreckers that I pulled apart was in better condition. It felt strange.
  5. Well in with the repairs, and as for places to ride to get your skills up....
    Start at the Risdon round-a-bout near the prison, go up over tea tree and right onto orford, maybe further, brilliant ride, lots of sweeping corners one or two long straights, me and the boys do that ride a lot, one of the best.
    Good luck with it all.
  6. Cheers for that. I drove there years ago when I was on my car L's. Nice rode.
  7. you will discover on a motorbike that road is so much more fun, just on the downside be careful of lose gravel as i have seen one of two bike decide to lie down on it, heh
  8. Hey Andy!

    I am an eastsider in Hobart - not sure if you knew or not but over in the other states section: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16733&start=840

    there are a few Hobart and Taswegian netriders who you can meet and go for rides with!

    see you round on the roads, I am on the black Honda Rebel, on my L's.
  9. Just got back from a nice long night ride, and I kept pretty warm for once which is suprising. I wore my leather jacket, kbc lid, Rjays boots, jeans and a jumper, as well as some thick socks. I am feeling pretty confident about night riding now, but I still need to build up my confidence in the wet and in heavy traffic. I am also craving a bigger bike, or at least one that isnt 25 years old!

    But that will have to wait until the budget can accomadate it...
  10. Keep plugging at it Andy. Sorry to hear about the the job, hope it doesn't slow you down too much.
  11. Wow, that sucks about your job Andy, as if you didn't feel like carp anyway :evil:

    Glad that you are back upright and on the road again.

    Stay safe out there :grin: