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First 1000kms complete

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Flash72, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Hey I'm just wondering if what I'm experiencing is fairly normal or not??

    I have clocked up just over a 1000km on my brand new CBR500R and I'm absolutely loving it and can't get enough!! I have experienced a few clowns do some interesting things to keep me on my toes and I still talk to myself while riding to remind myself to do things correctly but so far so good.

    I think I am doing ok and definitely feeling more comfortable every ride but some rides I seem to make really basic errors, like not being smooth on the throttle on take off or shifting up a gear while no letting off the throttle. It doesn't happen that often but definitely rocks the confidence a little.

    Is it just me??
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  2. Don't beat yourself up mate. Takes more than 1000klms. I still do stuff like that after 3 years of riding.
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  3. No, its normal, Practice! And then even when you have more experience there will be some days when you should just go home, nothing comes together and others when you and the bike are one in synchronized nirvana. Life is not consistent.
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  4. Yup. It's good it's shaking you up too. Means you need to pay more attention. :) Keep at it.
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  5. Ok thanks. It definitely makes me concentrate more afterwards but nothing has been so bad that it's made me want to go home :)
  6. I shifted down instead of up today - Just a complete and utter brainfart.
  7. If you want to review where you're up to, I'm happy to help.
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  8. riding 5 years & i still forget to drop the side stand when i go to close the garage door!
  9. I have a bit of history in newbie coaching (Ness's blog thread might give you some idea) so think about what you might like to work on, talk about, try out, etc. My time is happily given.
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  10. I haven't done that for about a month now! (now at the 2000k mark)
  11. well done as above its normal :]
  12. Managed to get another 400 or so kms practice in and I'm finding it hard to want to do anything else at the moment :D
    Starting to see some improvement particularly with cornering speed and confidence now that I'm working on making sure I'm looking further into the corner (not fast just faster for me). Also it's been kinda windy the last few days and I made sure to go ride in it to get used to it even if it was mostly only 70-90km zones. After reading some posts here reminding myself to relax the arms has been really good.....a few good gusts and I felt myself grip the bars tighter then reminded myself to chillax and it was good again.

    Looking forward to the day when I'm brave enough to make my way to the front at lights :rolleyes:
  13. T
    Thanks for the offer, will shout out when I'm brave enough to
  14. Your call, but it's not a test!
  15. Hey Flash, I can totally vouch for BBM he's a legend and has really extended my comfort zone -were it not for him I think I'd have never gone on a freeway, on a dirt road, or over the gigantic scary bridge at the end of my road! :)

    Do you have friends to ride with or are you riding solo? If you want to meet up sometime for a pootle please let me know, I'm always up for a ride somewhere with coffee or lunch on the agenda.

    I'm northside Brisbane but happy to go anywhere in SEQ. I've also joined a woman's riding group and they are a fabulous bunch, I think I know a good number of male riders but it's nice sometimes to ride with other women and just do your own thing. I'm off on a trip to Ballina with them in September for a long weekend so I'd be happy to PM you details of the group if you're interested

  16. I will probably give BBM a shout soon, after reading your blog as he recommended it sounds like he was very helpful. I ride alone and think I am doing ok but I'm sure he can pass me a few tips to help. I think as with all things in my life I expect and want to be good at stuff LOL
  17. :playful:

    I thought I was the only one...

    Don't worry Flash, I've been riding for almost 3 years now and I still consider myself to be at the beginner level. I still get into situations where I'm not totally comfortable and my riding is less than graceful. I think it will take a lot of experience and a lot of proper rides just to get to "good".
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  18. I've only been riding for around 7 months now and ride solo as well and I still have my moments.
    I find not thinking about it and just concentrating on the road helps me but it's different for everyone.

    There are a number of us around Brisbane so if you ever want to meet up with people and learn from them it shouldn't be hard.