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First 1000k Service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Robb0, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys

    I got a GPX250 and will be coming up to its first 1000k service very soon I was at the dealer today went and asked service how much it was they said $234 :shock: I thought it might of been alittler less then that I was expecting something like $180.

    Could someone tell me if thats expensive for the first service? If it is I'll get the first service done there. But I wont be back for the one after.

  2. Common mistake made by many new riders is to take the bike in for servicing at the dealer. Dealers are always notoriously over priced.
    Any qualified mechanic can provide servicing and it won't void your warranty BUT specify that he only use OEM parts.
  3. That's about right. I paid $220 for my first 1000km service at my Kawasaki Dealer for my '07 GPX.

    Unless you know a qualify bike mechanic, it is worth it though - the bike now runs a lot smoother and sounds punchier. :cool:
  4. Oh well thanks for the info guys. I'll get the first service done at the dealer. After that for my next service I'll find a bike mechanic and see how that goes :)

  5. What does the first service for a GPX entail besides oil + oil filter change + check of bolts/screws to see everything is screwed in ok?
  6. They also adjusted my clutch and idle, checked the valves clearance - apparently if they're not adjusted properly, the engine makes less power and destroys the valves. :?
  7. Ah, did some background research, found this:

    Sound like the first service of the GPX is a needed one, all the bikes I've seen, owned had basically just needed an oil change + bolts checked, general look over for the first service. Just didn't want to see someone getting ripped off and/or told lies about servicing to fatten someone elses wallet. Also, if you already aren't, I suggest to read/register/post in http://www.ninja250.com/home.htm :) Looks to be the goods for GPX 250 owners.
  8. Sounds like you went to Sydney City Motorcycles. Enough said.