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First 1000 :S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by josh_182, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been riding reguarly ( commuting, weekends blasts ) for the last 5 years. Currently don't have a bike but the boss ( missus ) has given me permisson to make a purchase, last one for a looooooong time I reckon. Have my eye on K6 GSX-R1000.

    Last bike I had was a 2003 R6, got used to power ok. Was annoying in 50Km/h zones, second gear loud and buzzy, 3rd heard sluggish and low RPM. This is why I am going a 1000, as the torque is better around atown and suburbs apparently.

    Question is will this thing scare the $hit out of me and how long will it take to adjust to the power? It's the same weight as my R6 so the weight is good and what I am used to, just don't want to be afraid of what I ride for too long, I swear they can tell and buck you off.

  2. i came from a '02 cbr600 to my current '05 zx10. power feels easier to access and of course, stronger, but never out of control. assuming youre not just going from nothing to 100% in an instant.

    in my case the stupidly tall gearing in 1st, offsets some of the engine power, to make it tamer. mostly it just feels nicer and will accellerate as though i was a gear lower and 3-4000 revs higher.
  3. "in my case the stupidly tall gearing in 1st, offsets some of the engine power,"

    Simple solution many before you have found.....16 tooth front sprocket....

    Another solution is a thing called a 'timing retard eliminator'
    not sure about your model, but in my case (06-07) the ecu uses a different ignition map for the lower gears to moderate the power.
    The TRE tells the ecu that its in 5th or 6th gear all the time, giving you the full power map in all gears
  4. I went from an '03 Triumph TT600 to an '01 Fireblade. 600 vs. 929. The step up was no where near as severe as going from a 400 LAMS to a 600. The Fireblade feels like it wants to kill me sometimes but only when I push it. You'll be fine. Don't get another 600. You'll just want something bigger in a couple months.
  5. The inline fours are slow if you bog them down under 7000. I didnt find my r1 much fun around town. If you want to ride the burbs get a motard.
  6. Eh!? ](*,)

    The gixxer though is an excellent bike and will be easy to manage in traffic ( accepting that is not it's ideal environment)
    Where you are likely to have problems is out in the twisted, where things will rush at you very very quickly if you get on the power. This can easily have you beyond what's needed for a corner even after braking very hard. It's very easy to get in over you head, so give yourself time to mentally adjust to the bike and it's capabilities. Always ride in a 'contained' fashion, until you know the bike very very well.
    Otherwise, these big boys are pussy cats or screaming banshee's. It's all up to you.
  7. I just meant that all the 1000s are sitting below 7000rpm at 60km/h even in first gear.

    That means that to get they are always bogged down in their lower rev range. You have to slip the clutch to get them moving fast. That is not a whole lot of fun as you have no power or torque on hand. So if you are sitting in traffic then a motard is going to be a lot more fun as they will be sitting right in their rev range for maximum torque.

    Outside the burbs the 1000 might be better but the OP specifically mentioned the suburbs.
  8. Ok, but my blade had plenty down around 4-5k. In fact that's where I would be in the traffic nearly all the time in 3rd or 4th. Enough pull down there for typical traffic scenario's. The real strong grunt and power started coming in from about 6k.
  9. Totally agree Raven. Loving the 'blade around traffic - it has plenty of 'torque' and 'pull' down low (in fact, mine's been 'juiced' to accelerate rapidly above ~3,000RPM)..so NO problems there.

    As Raven said, 3rd or 4th during suburban riding is easily achieved and places no difficulty (or otherwise) on a litre bike. Some litres DO have tall gearing, usually in 1st gear. As mike8863 mentioned, get a tooth down on the front sproket, exactly what I have done on the R1...and it too is a pleasure to ride during those times in peak hour traffic etc.

    Of all the Thou's I've owned, the GSX-R K5 was 'THE' best for all my riding interests, be it for suburban jollies or interstate fangs. Plenty of torque down low (no Power Commander installed either) and lots of grunt on the open stretches also. At 166kg DRY, it is very easy to manoeuvre around town and during filtering, where required. Not that it needed it, but mine had a tooth down on the front sprocket..and boy..it was VERY responsive.
    I put 23,000km on mine in 9 months of riding, with half that time overseas (work commitments). I miss that bike for its "all-in-one" capabilities and you WILL enjoy its twin brother, the K6, very much.

    Best of luck and as the many experienced have already said, take your time in adapting to your new steed. It'll be a much more developed (and appreciated) learning curve for you.

  10. Maybe the blade is better :shrug

    But its a Honda so you would be bored with it before you got out of your driveway.