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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by junglist, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Somewhere not far from Kulnurra on Saturday arvo heading south, I came across a bunch of firewood scattered across the road. Amidst the flickering afternoon shadows I didn't get a decent look before I hit, bit of air, little wobble, then settled again. I suspect the culprit was about as thick as an arm, but now I have a sizable bend in my rim and a near-pinched front tyre (there's marks where the rim 'bit').

    People failing to contain their carriage infuriates me. :evil:
  2. if ya go back that way, can ya pick it up ? i am freezin and nearly outta wood here.

    On the other hand, shit happens to motorcyclists, prepare,anticipate,react. Hopefully u can get ya rim rerolled, and check ya tire carefully, even a minor hit can weaken a tire.
  3. the tyre needs replacing shortly so no real loss there. its got about 12k km on it and was only one of those OEM 'we give you less tread than a normal new tyre' jobbies.

    I can probably knock the rim back in to shape with a bit of wood, but will get the advice of my local mechanic.

    I was impressed with how stable the bike was during and after such a knock, i'd say that the tyre took most of the hit at 32psi. I checked for bulges and leaks straight afterwards and again when i reached my destination, it seemed to hold up pretty well. For the return ride i put a bit of extra air in to ensure a tight seal on the rim and it didn't falter for the next 240ish kms on backroads and dirt, including plenty of corrugations and ruts.
  4. bugger

    this happens too much, I remember a thread not that long ago with heaps of examples of people being stupid, I've personally been behind a ute when a bag of concrete slid off (flat tray)...

    hope you get your bike fixed up quick :)