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Firestorm - VTR1000 - Thoughts please.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Hey folks, this is on the cards at the moment. So I'm throwing it open to get your thoughts, opinions and experience.
    The little I know about them is;
    Not much has changed from when they first came out, except colour.
    The little regulator behind the seat goes poof after 30,000 or so, and it's an easy fix.
    The tanks they used to come out with were too small to tour with, but now they have longer range tanks.

    Here's the one I'm thinking of

    Cheers Scheff
  2. Very Nice.

    Fuel range is average, but it's the price you pay for that twin-induced smile :)

    Rectifier, ppfftt, piece of piss to fix.

    45 mins and $155 later, larger capacity after market one fitted.

    You can join the Elite Twin Riders Club, not that one exists but hey......
  3. I was in the elite twins club, until the Gpz shat itself. :LOL:
    :furious: What am i laughing about, sheesh.

  4. My mates VTR is one of the first ones. Has about, oh 95,000kms. sounds v good.
    That fuel range thing is something you can get used to I reckon. It's like bitching about the lack of steering lock on a sports bike.
  5. Nice bike but ya gotta change the plate.
    Otherwise we have more reason to call you a cock sucker :rofl: :p
  6. Oh shit, I don't need to be giving you anymore reasons. The plates outta there. Tell dave i killed his bike. And woops, sorry.

  7. what can i say if you want a cheap v-twin then go for it
    the 1's i have riden havent done it for me
    sp1 sp2 maybe start to smile
    fuel is a problem
    i will get 200+ city riding out of the zx12
    you will only get 200(if your lucky) freeway riding out of the vtr
  8. He read it before I could hide it from him.
    He has just run down to bed with a tear in his eye :(
  9. I'm with the brick.

    I've only ridden one VTR1000, but was very disappointed. Power was flat and uninspiring under 6500rpm, then followed a brief fun zone of about 1500rpm, and a breathless top end that just sort of trailed off into nothing.

    It wheelied, and was stable on the back wheel, but you had to get it up good and high quick smart or else the top end power wouldn't let you hold it up for long.

    I didn't much like the finish of it, the fairing didn't seem particularly solid and it handled and braked OK but was nothing special.

    Bear in mind that I'd just ridden the 06 Fireblade, which was magnficent in every dimension, and also that I've never particularly understood the "V-Twin Soul(tm)" thing that people wank on about. To me, a butch thumping sound from the pipes is no substitute for the excitement of an i4's slingshot top end - and my understanding is that twins chew tyres noticeably quicker than an i4 of similar capacity.

    Purely a personal opinion. Raging donut-punchers like Vic and PNUT swear by these bikes, and if you enjoy a little uphill gardening you and the CS-mobile might be very happy together. :grin:
  10. I love em. I'm just about to tackle all of the basic flow mods on mine, open up the midrange a bit, and apparantley smooths out power delivery as well. But seriously, I could just leave it the way it is and still have more bike than I need.
  11. I loved the VTR1000F's so much that I owned 3 of them.

    The power is super-linear. You end up travelling extremely quickly even though it feels like you aren't. If you're used to I4's and their typically peaky power rush, you'll think that you're practically crawling along on the VTR, yet you'll be pulling away from the I4's out of every corner you exit without even trying.

    The first thing you should do is to fit a 15T (instead of the stock 16T) front sprocket. They are definitely geared too tall out of the showroom, being geared for something like 290kph, rather than a more realistic 260kph that the engine is more capable of delivering. Said sprocket change fixes this, and gives some added punch in all gears.

    For real world riding they are fantastic. They soak up bumps and bad roads well. You can almost leave them in any of the 6 gears and just ride around and never touch the gear shift again for the rest of the day.

    I had a full exhaust system on mine, which with a rejet raised rear wheel horsepower to 110hp, and it even kept stock Ducati 996's and CBR919RR's honest in a straight line.

    Very comfortable. I covered 2600kms in 3 days on mine, which included a stop for a conference in that. They are slower steering than a hyper-sport, but this is not necessarily a bad thing as they are also very stable.

    The 90 degree V2 thump-thump from the full system was pure aural pleasure every time I rode it.

    I had the original smaller fuel tanks on mine. 180kms would see the fuel light come on during highway riding with 225kms being the point where it'd run dry. In "mountain fun mode" that dropped to more like 150 to light, 190kms to empty. With the newer larger tanks the range really isn't that much worse than any modern big-bore I4, and fuel consumption was about the same as my R1 presently delivers.

    I found them to be immensely easy to ride, and deceptive. If you're an I4 lover, you'll hate them because they feel so slow, until you look down at the speedo and realise that you're not going slower at all.
  12. What he ^ said :grin:

    don't listen to Loz, his arse is broken and he can't think straight :LOL:
  13. Plus they sound awesome :grin:
  14. Add a set of powers or the like, and twisties riding has never been easier. Stick it in 3rd and go all day.
  15. :( :( :( :shock: :shock: :shock: :( :( :( :nopity: :cry:

    Oh well. Wanna buy an Across. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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  17. VTR Suspension

    One of my mates has one with over 100k on it. Has never had it apart. Just replaced wheel bearings etc and that's about it. One thing he did to fix the crappy front end was fit some gold valves. It has made a huge difference.

    Standard VTRs tend to have a 'wooden' feel to them with little feedback (in my opinion of course). The change in feedback with better springs is amazing.
  18. Hi guys,

    I know this is really late in this thread but view might be relevent to others :)

    I had a VTR just recently for about 5000km. They are very easy to ride fast, sound ok but I was dissappointed in the engine. It just feels boring. It doesn't have any more low down grunt than many of the inline 4's and no top end. The power is very linear though. It doesn't mind revving either. I had pipes, filter and rejet but I found it to be uncomfortable at anything under 3ooorpm above that it is great...alll the way to redline.

    I found the front end to be downright nasty, would bottom out over small bumps and god forbid you had to break hard over any rough stuff....you have to rebuild the front end with springs etc if you weigh over 45kg IMHO. The rear is fine. They are super reliable though and I found it to be very comfortable...I am 5"10 and a bit.

    I did not have an issue with the range on a tank of fuel, I did many trips and could easily see 250km from the tank, saw 280km once...It was the post '03 model though, they have a larger tank...19l i believe instead of 16l.

    Overall a very easy bike to live with but no challenge to ride and IMHO didn't get the adrenaline flowing. Super easy to ride, comfortable and reliable.

    They are a very old bike now, and i think there are better bikes out there, they still seem to be commanding quite a high price too.

  19. Im with loz when i test road one it was lacking roll on power and yes a bit boring,better of with a inline 4 :grin:
  20. They seem to have a good rep, good all round bike. And of course its a twin, nuff said.
    You would need to put some pipes on that one though, leaving the stock ones on would be a crime!