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Firestorm VS Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by deafwish, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Went for a ride with a mate on Saturday and cleaned out the cobwebs off both bikes....
    We found some quiet private property (of course) and did some standing starts.
    Firstly, he is ALOT more experienced than me at riding. I was literally 1 bike length behind him until the wind became too much for me.....
    I was amazed, i thought the Firestorm (being a thou') would've creamed my little 600.....Obviously not. 8)
    Are the Firestorms renouned to be slow or the Hornets fast? :?
    Great day out, playing on the bikes.....Can't wait till next weekend!
    Daz. :wink:

  2. No, it's just that you wimped out before the Firestorm came into its own!!!

    Just kidding. The 600 has about 96 bhp in 190kg (approx) so you'd expect it to pick up well.

    The 2003 VTR1000 has about 110 bhp in 193 kg (approx) so not that much difference..

    (these figures are approximate)

    But the VTR would wind way past the 600 at the top end and would pull away the further the competition went on.

    The fact that you pulled the pin when your eyes started watering is understandable, but you probably didn't give the Firestorm the chance to really use the extra muscle.

    Encouraging for you, though that your "little" 600 is that good, eh?

    I don't mess with Hornet's 600 for the same reason. My bike develops slightly more horsepower but it heavier and I reckon he'd probably cream me in a straight up drag.
  3. I kept up with hornet riders on my yzf600r (100hp)

    I dont care what any one else says - I reckon peak power is everything IF you can stay in the power band
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you mean you kept up with Hornets or with Firestorms?

    I would have thought that a Thundercat with 100 ponies would have been able to stay with a Hornet easily.

    If you mean with a Firestorm, that would gell with deaf's experience.
  5. Pfff. Hornets are slow-arse old man's bikes.
  6. ..... but you wouldn't have anything else, eh??
  7. I gotta agree with THAT!!!

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  8. 03' stock Storm will fall out at 265k.....indacated....
    My 00' runs out of steam around 280 by the dial......Staintunes and K&N air filter with my 105kg frame on it.
    Hmmmm down to 89Kg now..........note to self........go hard look at speedo :LOL:

    More info here www.ozfirestorm.com
  9. Hahaha!
    My mate was FAR from impressed!
    I love my little hooligan bike! :p
    Daz. :wink:
  10. i think you'll find that that is just the difference between 2 cyl and 4 cyl bikes. as far as i can tell by other ppls experiences (a big vtwin is something i still havn't ridden), there is no performance advantage to a larger twin, its all about feel and sound.

    i SMOKED a firestorm about a week ago on my ZX7, he got the launch on me and i shortshifted, but i still had him no probs up to 140 where i backed off and let him fly past (which as we all know is fine on a private road such as the one we were on :wink: ). so yeah, i dont see why any decent 600 4 should have any stress keeping up with one in a straight line.

    outright speed, the 4s have it all over the twins. but when it comes to torque, sound and general sex appeal, i reckon thats where the twins come into play :D
  11. The Vtr would have looked and sounded better while losing!! :wink:

    Seriously, the little 600 hornets are a great bike. I have trouble keeping up with them on tight twisty stuff. Specially into and through the corners, but I can usually hose them on the exit as the Vtr is right in the meaty part of it's torque curve.

    I did an advanced rider course on the Hornet, and I loved the thing.
  12. Ridin’ a twin I suppose I should really be putting one up for the throbbing Vs, but I must admit, after riding both on a race track, the in-line 4s sure can wail away & get the runs on the board.
    If you’re riding for sheep stations then an in-line 4 can do it for you.
    I think you can get away with a smaller displacement with an in-line 4 & keep the revs up higher for the same result.

    Although the twin is definitely an engaging expereince, even just motoring down the hway. Having said that, I personally find the sort of engine braking the twin can have does fight you sometimes at the heady part of the rev range when you’re all elbows & knees through alittle bit of twisty.

    But the characteristics of the engine configurations can be tuned in or out. Example like the KTM Superduke, where the twin doesn’t seem to exhibit the sort of engine braking as much other twins.

    I think the Honda Firestorm was in response to Ducati’s SS/Monster S4/ST market segment, & they have done a good job at that.
  14. [quote="deafwish]
    Sounded like a poor mans Harley..... :p
    (Oooo, i'm gonna get flamed now....)
    I'll have the wail of an engine doing 13,000rpm any day.
    Very formula one sounding.
    Daz. :wink:-(/quote]

    Ha Ha, Nice. :p

    This is the sort off stuff I like!! Random acts of sensless flaming.

    Nice work Daz. :D

    Give me a few minutes and I will return with something witty and cool.
  15. Ha Ha, Nice. :p

    This is the sort off stuff I like!! Random acts of sensless flaming.

    Nice work Daz. :D

    Give me a few minutes and I will return with something witty and cool.[/quote]

    Still waiting.................... 8)