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Firestorm running temp, advice req from owners pls!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mario Mendoza, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm after some advice and/or re-assurance on normal running temps for my VTR..

    I recently picked up an 05 firestorm and have been loving every minute I spend with it, but I've noticed it seems to run quite hot compared to other bikes I've owned.

    At freeway speeds, the temp seems to hover up round the 85 - 89 depending on how hard I've been riding. Which seems OK to me.

    As soon as I slow down, (60kph zone) my temp is instantly (almost) up round the high 90s.

    If I come to a stop for traffic etc the temp will rise suddenly to 100 or so and the thermo will kick in and bring the temp back down, but it does seem to spend alot of time up in the higher end of the temps with the thermo cutting in and out as required.

    The thermo kicks in and brings things back under control, but it does seem to get there very fast (104 degrees).

    In general residential area riding where speeds are more like 50 - 60kph, the temp will easily be up round 90-94 for the duration of the ride till speeds pickup again and the is more airflow.

    It never seems to get under 90 degrees basically unless I'm on the freeway..

    Am I being paranoid or is this the way the bike is meant to run?

    I have spoken to a few people and they advised that this is the way the VTR's are meant to be as a 1 litre engine creates alot of heat etc.
    My previous bike was also 1000cc and it just seemed to run much cooler than this one?? Was inline 4 though....

    The temp figures I quoted were recorded on an average sunny day of about 21 degrees. Bike has 4,500 kms on the clock.

    Thanks muchly!
  2. Bah, my SP1 usedo to sit around the 85-90c mark when moving.

    When stopped it wasnt unusal for it to sit as high as 105c

    Nothing to worry about :)
  3. Yup, mine gets fairly hot too in traffic. It sorta acts like a heated seat for those cold days in Canberra... hehe :)
  4. Yeah, its normal. Could probably toast bread on my VTR...
    My mates daytona 600 sits on around 100* in average weather, average riding... some bikes just run a bit warmer than others.
  5. I got an 04 model and that sound normal to me unless mines fcuked too :roll:
  6. My Storm is an older model without the digital temp guage. But the Blade has one and regularly sits above 90 degrees.

    Don't stress.
  7. unless it overheats, dw about it
  8. Temperatures you've stated is normal.

    Remember temperature will also depend on the external weather temperature. I'm ridden my bike with 79 showing in cooler weather. Freeway normal between 85-95 in warmer weather. In traffic where i'm moving more slowing usually sits between 100 and 105 but around these temperatures you will hear your fan kick in and off and so on which is normal. If it goes over 105 keep an eye on it and if it goes near 110 i'd say pull over switch the engine off and wait a little bit. Manual does warn if its goes to 120 to turn off the engine but safe to say 110 its damn hot and i'd be turning it off anyway, but this is in only extreme cases.

    But, like I said the temeperatures you've stated is normal and in winter you'll be blessed with the twin although on summer days as i've experience stuck in traffic going to Bondi the footpath is a welcome option... :twisted:
  9. yup is normal , i wouldn't worry too much about it :p

    just wait till summer and your stuck in traffic :?

    there is no better incentive to want to lane split than a temp gauge sitting in the red :LOL: :p
  10. like all has been said before, everything ok. Hell, my blackbird runs the radiator fan all the time at speeds below 70km/h in summer! You sound like you've got a winner.