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firestorm owners i need opinions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by qbnspeedfreak, May 29, 2007.

  1. so i have had abit of a knocking in my engine, so first though of course was the cct's well had the front done 1500k's ago knocking was still there, today the rear was done and the knocking is still there, any ideas?

  2. get an old large screw driver with a fairly worn/rounded tip
    hold the handle to your ear and touch the tip against various parts the engine

    you'll be able to trace vicinity of the knock noise fairly quickly

    if its the head, loose tappets? need an adjustment
    if it's coming from the crank area, you might have spun a main bearing :(

    does the knock speed up with increasing revs?
    does it do it in neutral only, or when in gear?

    cam chain tensioner rattle is a different sound to knocking
    cam chain slap from low tension is a different sound again
    a spun bearing is the worst sound ever
  3. yeah i was thinking that it could be a thrown bearing, but the noise would get alot worse after say 5,000k's wouldnt it? the mechanic thought the noise was a cct but hmm know i dont know

    guess i better put it back in
  4. Ok ? is it knocking as you give it a sharp rev , or under load ??? . one thing with twins is they do have some funny noises that you dont normally hear in an inline 4 etc due to there configuration and compression !!
  5. at idle bob, it does increase a bit whilst throttling on abit but after that the remus take care of business and you cant hear much else :LOL:
  6. mate post it up in ozfs but i think you may find its fairly normal what is your storm idling at if its idling low they will knock n rattle , if i could hear it i could tell you if its the same as mine

  7. ooops , lol i see ya already have James , mate if its not getting worse i would say its prob normall when are you up in this neck of the woods next ill have a listen or take it for a decent stunting oops i mean ride :p
  8. yeah will be up in 4 weeks of course if u hadnt pulled out of the eden trip you could have checked it out, all this parannoyer started because of a storm owner mmm
  9. well when ya up ill have a listen for ya mate
  10. If it had a big end knock you would know about it..
  11. james, it definately doesnt sound anything like mine. did you find out what it was yet? im thinking it could be tappets, it definately sounded like it was coming from the cylinder heads

  12. nah going to put it into the shop this week and leave it with them, its also running super rich, wait till micky posts some video footage from eden and the fireworks display coming from the tail of the storm
  13. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm you sure you havn t dropped a valve or sumfin ??
  14. not sure, could have, power still came on nice and smooth on the way home
  15. mate could be something as simple as carb balance making one piston fight against the other almost
  16. yeah hopefully it gets all sorted out, i think i'm getting paraniod about sounds now, so just putting it in the shop as soon as i can for a bit of piece of mind, dont want to attack it myself and end up way over my head
  17. Damn good direah me loe mate let the shop woprry bout it !!!