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Firestorm or Hornet?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Spiky, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. I'm being tempted back into biking by the traffic on my commute to work.

    Bearing in mind that I'm the wrong side of 40 and no longer need to get my knee down (and would like be reasonably comfortable), I've narrowed my choice down to the CB900 Hornet and the VTR1000 Firestorm.

    Around $10k seems to get me a 2005 Firestorm or a slightly newer Hornet.

    I've not read a motorcycling mag for years so I'm a little out of touch here. I would be grateful for any comments that owners have on either of these, and particularly for advice on anything that I should be looking out for.

    Is the Firestorm comfortable? Is the Hornet as dull as the reviews would suggest? Are either prone to any mechanical trouble?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. hi.
    dunno about what youve heard but i dont think the hornet is a dull bike. hopefully you will have an overwhelmingly large amount of people telling you what an awesome ride they are!

    i know someone who has a firestorm and says that they have a hell of alot of grunt to them, but i hear the tank wont take you very far and they have a few minor reliability issues too i think.

    id go the hornet 900 if i were you :cool:
  3. Plenty of 900 Horny owners here will tell you that the bike is a great all-rounder.

    Some VTR owners say that it's a more 'focused' bike that asks a bit more of you when riding it....

    I own a 600 Hornet, but my brother had a VTR and sold it to go back to a VFR, and he's in a similar age bracket.
  4. The excitement factor (or lack there of) aside, both are well made quality bikes. Both will be fun for a guy getting back into it so what you need to do is ride them and see which one you enjoy the most.

    Aside from that do some research. There's a shed load of info on both bikes on the net, more than enough to help you decide.
  5. If you need to do more than 2 laps around the block on a tank of juice go the H9.

    Your choices are very different. Can I ask how you came up with those 2?
    I can think of a dozen sports/tourer/hoon/commute bikes that are in your budget.
  6. If you're planning on commuting say the hell away from the storm, terrible city fuel economy by all accounts I believe.

    Both good bikes, both alot of fun, neither dull.

    If its for commuting, go the hornet out of those to for sure. Naked, cheap, reliable, reasonable on fuel, will last forever, cheap to insure, torquey, upright, comfy, etc. NOTE: This is from what I've heard, I haven't ridden one myself.
  7. That's a good question....

    At various stages I've looked at VFR800s, XJR1300s, GSX1400s and a few others besides. To be honest, as long as it's quick, comfortable, reliable and capable of making my heart race occasionally (and will give me change out of $10k) I really don't care what it says on the tank or the engine.

    Open to suggestions......
  8. Those are heavy bikes you list..

    And all designed for touring/higher speed than typical commuting.

    Is your commute long? Ie around 100kms a day? A bigger bike is better if you do alot of kms a year, but even then you don't need a touring bike, just something of decent cc and reliability.

    Do you commute in the inner city / very bad traffic? If so, a big bike is more of a handful as its less agile and not set up for this kind of traffic.

    Have a think about what conditions you'll be using it in and match it to what you really would be best off with..

    Then go buy the hottest bike you lay your eyes on, because bikes are for fun :grin:
  9. Hi Spiky,
    I bought on 05 Hornet a year ago.
    Not for commuting, but for weekend trips ~ touring.
    Been abt 15yrs since a last owned a bike and Ive got a few more b'days under my belt than you.

    It's a great bike for me to ride - I prefer a sit-up bike rather than a lie-down super sports or a lay back cruiser.

    I find it a little on the heavy side parking on uneven roadways but thats mainly due to lack my of height I suppose - 5'8 1/2" in the old language & 70kg.
    Underway its good - plenty of power for me (probably too much really).

    Ive only done a bit over 2k on it in the 12 mths but no issues at all. Tank @19L means my usual jaunts of about 250 ~ 300k dont require top ups.

    You'll get a lot good info on 900 Hornets from the Wrist twisters forum.

    Good luck m8.
  10. Dude the Hornet 9 is an absolute cracker. I just don't get the firestorm at all, I think they suck, particularly the engine.

    I did around 40-50,000km on a Hornet 9 and loved it to bits, I'd happily own another one and I reckon they're one of the best all-rounders you can find. Thrashing, touring, commuting, stunting, off-roading, cruising, the H9 is an awesome blend of everything (if a bit compromised on a racetrack), and an absolute hoot to ride because it gives you total confidence by the time you've reached the end of the driveway.

    Go test ride one, and then imagine how it will feel with a +3 sprocket on the back. Party time!
  11. I traded a harley for my Hornet 9 and have been grinning like an idiot ever since. Its rekindled my passion for motorcycling. :LOL:

    Oh and I'm also the wrong side of 40 by about 6 years
  12. yep.. for a commute, general purpose bike.. the Hornet is the choice..

    also.. new ones are on run-out at the moment for $11990 with good deals around...

    where in Oz are you located ??
  13. Make that 10990 ride away.
  14. where ??

    Official runout pricing is $11990 +orc

    those that sell under cost do so as they have lots to move I imagine.. or sting you on trade-in :LOL:
  15. Hornet9!..............................that is all!!
  16. Perhaps Jeff can confirm, I've heard over and over its 10990 ride away.
  17. Have you considered a cruiser? Being over the wrong side of 50 I find the seating position comfortable and the knee gets nowhere near "down"
  18. I dont think so mate.. unless those dealers have big numbers in stock and selling below cost or close to it..

    Honda have only recently dropped the price to $11990 +orc.. They have a large quantity to clear before the end of the year when the CB1000R is released..
  19. Thanks for all the feedback - it's much appreciated.

    Looks like it's going to be the Hornet then.....to be honest that was my preference anyway. I've seen a couple of second-hand newish ones at around the $10k mark, but $10,990 ride away makes you stop and think doesn't it?

    Might go and nudge a few Newcastle dealers this arvo......
  20. Well can you then explain why every motorcycle magazine in the country has carried full page adverts with the $10,990 Ride Away price for the last six months or so???