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Firestorm Headlight

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Folks,

    My headlight went boom the other night, 40km from home at 11pm.
    Sorry to all the drivers that I blinded with my high beam ;)

    Q. What are my options wtih headlights?
    What would be the highest wattage globe I could use before I start to melt the polar ice caps?

    HID would be great but at $500..............that buys a lot of globes.

    The storm runs a 60/55 H4 globe atm
  2. Thats the last time I tell people "just pose the Q in the forums, 20 minutes later you'll get a response"

    I couldnt be bothered with the headfux, I got fitted a 100/55.
  3. Whilst we are at it,

    I noticed the brow light wasnt working either, thought that was strange to have 2 globes go at the same time.

    I take off the lens and the brow light is gone orrite, gorn babeeeeeeeee gorn....

    There is no globe in there.

    Anyone know what type of globe it's supposed to have in there?
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  5. Vic, I just emailed it to you, if you cant open it or view it let me know and I will try converting it to a different format
  6. Don't run the hi-beam for too long, at 100W you'll brown out the reflector.
    Would have been better if you stayed with the 60/55 but got a $25 Xenon/halogen mixture globe.
  7. I agree with mouth on this one....I was looking to beef up the lights in the bird and considered 100 watt globes but after hearing about problems with melting sockets and stuff I went for the H7 Philips Visionplus globes...they are WAY better than the stockies and don't run white hot like a bigger globe either
  8. Ahh yes, thats the brand/model I was thinking of.
    These are an almost immediate replacement/upgrade in any 2 or 4 wheeled vehicle I own or maintain.
  9. Sweet, will change it when I find one.

    I dont spend much time on the high beams so I doubt it will be an immediate problem.
  10. Fantastic globes. Nice bright, white light. There's an eBay store in the UK that sells them relatively cheap:

    They're available as single globes too (if you're cheap :p)
  11. They probably don't make em like they used to, but I ran a 130/90 in my FJ for months and months with no probems. It was nice and bright.

    I rewired the headlights though, beefed up the wires and fitted some relay's. Don't think the stock wiring could have handled the currant draw.