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FireStorm - Fire being the operative word

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vic, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. I'm out riding around last night when I pulled up at a set of lights and there is smoke billowing out from under the firestorm somewhere.

    Shut it off, have a poke around, found where it is coming from.

    Remove the ductail and notice that a square piece of black "doovie" is emitting an amazing amount of heat and it was almost jelly like.

    Has a wiring harness going into this unit so we pulled it out and started the bike. The bike started, the lights came on, the indicators worked, everything seemed to be working orrite without this thing so I ride home.

    Question is, what the hell is that thing?

    It's situated under the ductail and mounted to the subframe on the right hand side.

    Can some one shed some light? or do I need to go and pull the bike apart again?

  2. ASIO tracking device? :shock: :cool: :shock: :cool:
  3. It wasn't the old Netrider server was it?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Word of the day "doovie"

    Hmmm didnt we put all the black doovie's back in there correct place last time :LOL: Had left overs Vic & you thought that under the ductail looked good enough :LOL:

    But to answer your question. Nope not a clue on the doovie
  5. may be it's because you have a hot ass :shock: (aparently :rofl:)
  6. Hey Vic,

    Some people use a TRE - could it be that?

    Also, did the bike previously have a seperate lighting kit or a heated vest system or even a towing system????
  7. All the good jokes have been used :cry:
  8. getting slow in your old age huh :LOL: :wink:
  9. How much have you ridden since?

    Has the battery gone flat? thinking regulator.


    Flight recorder?

    Big brother?

    Have you crossed the missus?

    did it tick?

    Lead weight?

    Either way it's cactus now. You let the smoke out and all electrical things need the smoke kept in them. Thats how they work.
  10. Unless it's an old british car :LOL:
  11. They just didn't work. Lucas, the prince of darkness
  12. Perhaps he was heatsinking the new one? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Whats a doovie? :oops:
    But maybe its one of those road things that people believe will trigger off traffic light sensors?
    Or maybe its an anti theift device like an imobiliser etc?
    Otherwise no idea
  14. A hot doovie? Is that anything like a hot doobie?

    (Seriously - watchootalkinbout, vic?) :LOL:
  15. If it was under the side of the ductail I'd near bet the grandkids (potential that is :wink: ) that its the regulator. Replaced one or two in my time. Check your battery volts before and after starting, if theres not a lot of difference youve cooked a reg. Charging volts should be 13.5 up to 14.5 at about 2k revs.
  16. yeah look at the wires, were there 3 the same ? (3 phase AC current)

    is it a fairly solid looking piece of doovie? with heatsink/heat fins on it?

    I would say regulator/rectifier at a guess. they can get nice and hot when they aren't happy.

    Put ur multimeter on her and see if she's still chargin'!

  17. Could be the tilt sensor...

    Regulator seems more likely but I've never seen one go soggy. They're metal aren't they?
  18. Nah, they're eletrical bits mounted on plastic set in a resin. they could go soggy.

    I am suprised it ran without it however. It may be just running off the batter, so it is possible.
  19. yeah I commuted for a couple of weeks without a reg/rec, just put the battery on charge every night! :D