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Firestorm down on Monash this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. If anyone knows the bloke who dropped the blue Firestorm in the centre lane of the Monash inbound this morning, I'd be interested to hear how it happened.

    I was splitting between the centre and right hand lanes, and had moved over to let him through. A minute or two later I realised the traffic had banked up and was stopping. The Firestorm was on its side in the centre lane, the rider was sitting next to it, and a BMW 3-series was stopped ahead of the bike.

    A bloke on a maxi-scooter had pulled up, and I stopped next to him behind the dropped bike. Fortunately the guy on the Storm had come off about 3 cars ahead of a very calm and efficient police officer. She took charge of the scene, worked out who'd seen what and who could go.

    The rider was a bit shaken so the scooter bloke and I helped him over to the centre barrier to sit down for a while. Then we shifted the bike out of the way.

    The bike didn't look as though it had hit the BMW, but the driver stayed on the scene so I guess he'd been involved somehow.

    The rider's probably going to be a bit sore and sorry for a while, but looked okay by the time I rode away.

    Anyone know anything more?

  2. Don't know anything about it, but good onya for stopping and helping the rider Gromit. :applause: Glad to hear that the rider seemed ok.