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Firestorm, Doing the mods

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by papakon, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Like many others that don't like the stock item or just can't help themselves . . . . I'm doing the mods. I guess the first mod has definately gotta be the pipes. I've got a '06 VTR1000F, it's a shame to not have a vtwin sounding like they should, agreed? There are so many aftermarkets on the list. I've been the fortunate owner of a VTR250, great bike, but didn't start enjoyn' it till I got a SS Megacycle installed. I've been looking at US stores that ship internationally and have been seriously considering the RS3 Yoshimura (sticking to the whole Jap theme), SS or CF, haven't decided yet. just after some feedback from peoples experiences with their setup. I know that everybody's aftermarket pipes "sound awsome" but why did you choose the ones you have. I like the Akrapovic but I believe they only do a full system for the firestorm? and I don't have a spare $3000 to hand over. Remus I've been told are a cheaper alternative at $1100 but not wirth the money. Megacycle, good product but again cheap alternative. Where do I go from here? :?

  2. Have a listen to a Remus set and say that again :LOL: Also, Staintunes sound awful....ly like an angry God of Thunder! :eek:
  3. Re: firestorm decisions, decisions??

    Come and listen to my RS3's I swear you will leave drooling ;)

    I'm in South Melbourne tonight at 7.30pm If you want to come around and have a listen ;)

    My number is on the advertise with us page, drop me an sms and i'll give you the address ;)
  4. The bloke at Megacycle (Ken) really knows his shit. If they're not too pricey, go for it, most in the racing community would back him.
  5. The only way to know is actually to listen to one. So go to the bike shops and listen to all the 2nd hand VTR with aftermarket pipes and you will know which ones catches your attention.

    I've had RS3 Yoshimura Race can on my last 3 bikes, TRX 850, CBR 600 and now SP1. The SP1 is simply awesome with it's deep throaty rumble, like a very angry bull in a deep well, similar to a Suzuki TLR.

    I was actually deciding either a VTR or VFR but after hearing the SP1, I made up my mind immediatley. Good luck with your choice as the sound of a VTR are also very loud.
  6. out of curiosity, did you have the Carbon or Stainless Steel? I've been told that there is a difference in sound, where the CF will give you a bassy roar and SS will give a crisp, higher pitch roar, Titanium or Aluminium will give a mixture of the two. Is there any truth to this, and apart from weight difference are there any advantages or disadvantages in either?
  7. It's a lot harder to burn yourself on a CF pipe than a SS one.. :wink:
  8. Personally, I prefer the looks of the Carbon Fiber than Stainless Steel or Titanum as they are easier to clean and doesn’t colourise over time but CF will cost you more.

    Because the CF has a layer wrapped around the can, I think it very slightly muffles the sound a tiny weeny eensy little bit but you have to be a Piano tuner to notice the difference as they are all freaking loud including other brands like Akra, Remus, Leo Vince, Staintune etc. CF are also slightly cooler but they can still easily cook your bacon & eggs.

    I will loose any sleep over it as any aftermarket pipes will bring the deep roar of the VTR. I don’t know about you but I seldom keep my bikes for more than 4 years. So to me, it’s not worth spending on a CF unless the bike already has CF when you buy 2nd hand. Spend the money on more sticky tyres as you need the extra grip when you have a torquey engine.

    On a side note, a lot of people ask me what I didn’t get the forthcoming 2008 CBR 1000 as my last bike was a CBR 600 which is lighter and faster but I simply wanted someone different from everyone else and a bike that is has unique character. Yes, I’m getting mellow as these days everyone seems to be so focus on faster & more HP but forgot about the real joy of riding a bike when torque is available at lower RPM.

    Happy Riding.
  9. When I had my VTR, I had on a full system from these guys, which I imported from the USA. I probably had one of the only VTR1000F's in Australia with an Indigo Sports full system on it. I see that they no longer manufacture for the VTR1000F. That's a real pity. I used to get Ducati owners coming up to me, green with envy, stating that they wished that their Termi's sounded as good. Seriously it was about the best sounding note I have ever heard and everyone I rode with remarked on it. To this day I have fond memories of that setup.
  10. I absolutely LOVE the Remus pipes, they're definitely worth it!
  11. Man those titanium Indigo's on the SP1 look reeeeal nice !

    Went past A1 Motorcycles in Ringwood today and had a good chat with the guys there. They all agree that the most popular and necessary mods in order to really make the Firestorm perform like it should are; exhaust, K&N Filter & a fuel management system, no jetting required. If the management system was too much of an expense then the pipes and filter were a must but required setting up the mixture on the carbs.

    The mods that I'm set on doing, in order of preference;

    Air filter
    Brake Lines

    Mods I'm considering, but don't know much about;


    So far I've decided to go with the SS RS3 Yoshi' then later I'll go the K&N Filter and a quality set of braided brake and cluch lines. Who do you guys recon make good brake lines?
  12. Traitorous bastard! :LOL:

    i got staintunes cause they came with the bike, but that is what i would have brought anyway. i have pretty much the exact set up you want to do. ive got goodridge braided lines (do this first please you will not regret it, they are the best improvement to make.) k&n, i went for the cotton element because most opinion tended to agree that cotton elements lasted longer, and a dyno jet kit, easy enough to install your self if you are handy with a spanner, be careful not to void your warenty but. just follow the intructions, carb balance is a bit of a fiddle and adjusting pilot mixtures is a biatch wthout the right tool. but again to gains to the bottom end are just awesome. youll need to get a dyno run but to confirm whether you need to make adjustments to the jet needle.
    sprockets are something i havnt played with, 1 because they are fine, 2 i do a fair few highway kms on big trips and want to keep the revs lower, 3 i feel the fuel system mods generally give enough extra bottom end not to need go go one down on the front. when i comes time i will probably got up one tooth on the rear though.

    another thing you might want to look at is the carb breather line routing, extreme braking will cause the fuel bowls to flood and make the thing run like a 3 legged dog, by directing the breather lines down in stead of in, this will fix this, just make sure the throttle linkage isnt obstructed when you do this. like i said under extreme breaking (ie getting it into an endo), 99% of riding it is not a problem.

    congrats on the purchase mate, they are a wonderful and underated bike that has been around for 10 years and still does a fine job.

    by the way fuel management system? what the fcuk are you talking about? i have heard that upgrading the TPS and putting in a VFR750 fuel pump help if you intend to race it, but otherwise there is no fuel management system
  13. :LOL: It was a thinly disguised compliment. I'll put it another way...they sound like a an angry 2-tonne bull trying to squeeze out a turd at the bottom of a well. How's that? :rofl:
  14. You know, it's funny you should mention that. I was just thinking the other day. I want MY bike to sound like a an angry 2-tonne bull trying to squeeze out a turd at the bottom of a well.

    Isn't that uncanny :shock:
  15. bugger spending all that money on after market pipes, dont see the point in all that money spent when the stockos are just as good de-baffled and sound tits :D.

    Add a K&N filter and a re-jet and ya have yourself a nice sounding bike that goes harder down low for a fraction of the cost.

    jus my 2 cents

    and yes I did own a firestorm.
  16. yes that is the cheap solution but what do you do when the EPA busts your arse for noise pollution?
    meh i also like staintunes for the look, i reckon the stock pipes look like a shower of shit.
  17. Understand your point


    You think there not gunna do that with a set of staintune's, yoshi's or the like ?

    Less likely to get looked at with a set of stocker looking pipes IMO.
  18. at least with a set of stainies you have the bungs to put it, and you can put the normal baffles on if you need to.
  19. Well, the new Yoshies finally arrived from the States. Took only 3 days once the seller shipped them off, but took 'em a week and a half to do it :mad: No probs with customs. $700 landed and delivered to my door step, all items included and factory packed, can't get any better than that! By the time the postie said "sign here", the pipes were already on the bike!

    They sound just like I wanted, look and perform just as well. The ass end feels lighter, that was my first noticable difference, followed by improved throttle response. Definately had a little more pep! So far so good . . . best $700 i've spent so far. Haven't stopped grinning yet! :grin:
  20. Removable baffles are illegal, and if i can remember what I read, i believe there is a fine if you're caught using them.