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Firestorm and SV650S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. (this is a longer term speculation on my part rather than a 'going shopping tomorrow' thing, because hopefully I'll have my own wonderful bike back tomorrow or the next day and after paying for the repairs to that will be waiting awhile before the upgrade. but anyway, on with the show.)

    Loved my Spada, and my current GSXF 400 (GSXR 400 motor), although I'm enjoying it, has pretty much convinced me that I'm much less of an I4 fan than a V2 fan. So in terms of the next upgrade the two things I'm looking at seriously are the SV650S and the VTR1000F (Firestorm).

    Am I right in thinking of the Firestorm as pretty much a bigger brother of the SV, in terms of both being v-twins, both with similar kinds of fairings and similar riding positions, both with similar goals? I assume the VTR has a fair bit more power and torque, and I actually like its look better (particularly the ones with the colour-matched belly pans). I also assume it munches tyres, chains and sprockets quicker and is more expensive to run in general.

    Have to admit I'd been kind of fixated on the SV for a long time, but have largely switched my attention to the Firestorm as my next bike. It might be helpful in answering the question (if I asked one!) to know that I'm 5'8" and about 95 kg, and that I don't pillion a huge amount but want to have the option.

  2. Are you looking to buy new, or second hand?

    If new, have you considered a 675cc Triumph Street Triple (due in Australia this month). I used to be more of a V2 fan than an I4 fan, but the triple format has won me over. Has all that you liked most about the twins, with a dollop of I4 top-end rush that makes the I4's fun.

    I've owned a number of VTR1000F's, so I know exactly what they're like and how they behave. If you budget can stretch it, at the very least try to bag a ride aboard a Street Triple if possible.

    Aside from that, the VTR1000F's are great bikes. Stable, grunty, flickable. A touch heavy, but nothing that is a problem - you just notice it when trying to hustle the bike along quickly. They really are of the sports-tourer mould, just in a semi-naked format. A real can-do bike that'll scratch, tour, do two-up work (although uncomfortable for pillions for longer than two hours). There's nothing they do badly, but likewise, nothing that they do brilliantly, aside from sounding fantastic with a good set of pipes.
  3. Keep an eye out for the SV1000 too, if there's any around that will fit your price range. They're tight, quick and fun and have one of the best twin engines around. They shit rings around the firestorm.
  4. Great suggestions from both of you. The Street Triple is totally sweet but probably outside the budget for this time around... maybe next time, and I do like the Triple concept.

    This SV1000 is a pretty nice price... wonder what the freight from WA would be?
  5. I haven't had a chance to ride my sv650s much yet, but its a blast to ride. Go the twins! I'd have to say yes, cheaper to run. By how much I don't know.. FYI my 02 one cost $5k - almost bone stock.

    When I was looking I had the mindset of 'if I could afford the sv1000s, I'd get it instead'. But now I'm not so sure.. I hear alot of people who've ridden bigger bikes and love the fun, light and agile nature of the 650. I'm not a speed junkie so the power is more than enough, and exactly where I want it (low and mid).

    Since I'm going to be using it for commuting, probably suits my needs/budget/skill better than the thou.

    Test ride some :)
  6. I think thats a good assessment of the 1000F, my only negative comment is that they are fuel guzzlers. Idontlikemondays and I have done a fair bit of riding together, and he can hustle it along every bit as well as my bird, and it does everything very well, he just needs to run for fuel more often than me..
  7. Check out this little beauty in Townsville. He wants 10k, but it's got a bucket load of bling.


    ...and this one's a stock nudie for 7.5k


    Hang around the website for a bit, and you'll come across a bargain closer to home in no time.

  8. bravus i got 12000kms out of my road pilot on the rear, and there was still tread left. i have not had to adjust the chain in the 11000kms ive done on it. goes to show that a good chain and quality lube will go the distance. yeah they can be fuel guzzelers, they dont like heavy traffic, and if you get throttle happy well yep, but no different to any other bike. im getting about 17km/l atm, but i am being a bit more conservative with my riding since mr plod has been out in force trying the bust the weekend rossi's on my local.
    i was considering the SV650 and 1000, i steered clear of the 650 since i knew id be doing big trips and the thou would do this more comfortably, and i also steered clear of the SV in general since my mechanic reckoned the VTR was by far and away more proven than the SV in terms of reliabilty.

    stop procrastenating and bloody buy something!!! you have been umming and arrhhing about these two bikes for 6 months now!!! :LOL: :grin:
  9. Heh, I know... this is called 'the dude who can really afford a new bike and wants one but has promised the wife he'll wait a while but that doesn't stop the itch'. ;) Everyone here has been very patient. It won't happen tomorrow, but it will happen.