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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Folks,

    This "you-beaut" broswer they call firefox has just updated itself. Good browser, well done, BUT.................................

    The mofo has lost all of its bookmarks.

    ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gone, everything, not one left :evil:

    I've just spent a couple of weeks gathering my bookmarks only to have it lose them on me :(

    Anyone able to save me pulling my hair ou.............actually, can anyone suggest anything?
  2. you might have acidentally set it to load a different profile? try closing and restarting the browser....
  3. Tried shutting it down and restart it but no good.
    How do you change profiles?
  4. Go to file menu and Import

    It should let you import all your old settings from the previous version.

    If that doesnt work you could resort to verbal and physical threats :grin:
  5. There is no other version.
    Only Internet Deplorer and there is nothing there as it has never been used
  6. Hmm.. sorry then, I don't know how to change profiles in the windows version.

    Mine is now upgrading also, so I assume that I will have the same problem in about 1 minute :(
  7. Not only that but now it refuses to remember its last window size.

    Wonder if it is just me and it needs to be pharked orf and reinstalled
  8. hi vic,

    check windows (if your'e using it ) didn't also just update . Iv'e recently had masive troubles with user data being lost in the last windows update,

    not sure what caused it but things like passwords etc were deleted from IEs cache

    also lost user permissions in the registry, but that is a different story :shock:

    might be soemthign to do with it...or not
  9. Hi Vic,

    Exact same thing happened to me a while back.

    To change profiles, in the start menu go 'Run',
    then type: firefox.exe -p
    (all firefox windows need to be closed before doing this)

    You can then choose your original profile hopefully.

    Good luck with it.
  10. Search your drives for bookmark*

    You'll find some html files - one should be your old bookmarks. Copy it to a safe place, then you need to replace your new bookmark.html with the old bookmark.html. Or do the -p option mentioned above - though you usually need to press ctrl alt del first and close down and instances of firefox running in the background - sometimes its hidden from view but the process is still runnning.
  11. C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\

    Is where you'll find the firefox profiles.

    Within one of them will be a bookmarks.html (or a bookmarks.bak if the html version is empty) file which you can then fire up the Bookmark manager and import.

    Had a similar thing happen, re-installed with a newly downloaded installer and then imported the bak bookmarks file.
  12. Firefox upgraded itself on me today as well. What I didn't like about it that it was an automatic update, without any intervention from me.

    I'm now running Ver

    Thankfully it didn't blow away my bookmarks. However, it did do that to my wife's copy on her laptop a few months ago.

    I think that it's probably prudent that we backup our bookmarks on a regular basis. I shall do that now, in fact...

    Thanks for the warning, Vic.
  13. hmmmm, never have that problem with IE :LOL:
  14. You rawk dude.

    You were pretty close. I found another folder,
    C:\Documents and Settings\Vic\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\6gsgb3qz.default\bookmarkbackups and it appears that it backs up your bookmarks every couple of days.
    All is good again.
    Well apart from the window size that is :)

  15. A good hint also is to save your bookmarks @ http://del.icio.us/

    Let's you use other computers and you can access your bookmarks if needed :)
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  17. a REAL interrrrnet user would've converted over to Flock, which is like firefox on speed (in the good way), many more features, and the best thing? all your saved passwords, bookmarks, remembered sites etc all get converted to flock! :D


    ps: http://www.flock.com/ <- do the tour, and trust me when i say it does alot more than it's main bragging point of the photo click and drag (though, that is freakin cool!)

    and for people who just want the best shit that makes lazy people lazier and makes you say 'hey, thats ALSO cool!' get the mouse gesture extension.
    I'm in love :p
  18. Never had a problem with losing bookmarks with FF.

    It updated itself the other day, everything went smoothly.

    Way better than Internet Exploder.
  19. Wel, I'll be flocked!

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. yer thats the folder I was refering to, I had no way of knowing what the profile folder name (6gsgb3qz.default) would be so I gave you the root directory for all the firefox profiles, from there its easy.

    That same problem has only occured to me once so you should be good for a little while at least.