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Firenze new owner

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by robert, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Just traded the Shark 50 on a Firenze 250, any other Firenze owners about that can give me any tips on this scooter for extras etc ?
    and is there any scooter clubs in Brisbane ?


  2. Hi, we are all great, how are you?
  3. Point taken Vic !

    very rude of me I was over excited to find this forum, I will not ride my new scooter at all tomorrow as a punishment :(

    Hello to everybody :grin:
  4. Hey Robert. Welcome to the forums.

    I've been looking at this scooter for myself. The only extra that I am aware of is the top box which has a special mounting bracket and comes in matching colours. No idea of price.

    You checked out the website? Normally that is pretty good for listing the extra's for the bowells.

  5. Hi robert.

    By gawd what an ugly scoot :p But to each their own :)

    I just noticed something which might be of interest to people on restricted licenses. The specs on the Bolwell website list the Firenze as 250.6cc's, would that make it ineligible for the restricted class?
  6. Hi Robert, welcome. Duffman, that is a good point, I thought it was 249cc myself. It's worth checking, (but not by me).......... :p
  7. Hi Guys,

    Very good point on the 250.06cc
    I wonder how many have not noticed that.
  8. The dealer would register it at 250cc, I am sure. I would very much doubt they would take the paperwork into the rego department and write on there 251cc.

    If not you will have to get in touch with your government on when you are getting the LAMS system in place like most other states.