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Fireman let house burn down over $75 fee

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. How ridiculous, with the user pays mentality creeing into governments here i wonder if 1 day this could happen in australia


  2. While it's crap, I can understand (from the firefighters/council/whatever authority) point of view. Let one person who didn't pay the fee go, anyone/everyone may feel they also don't have to pay the fee and have the fire department fight fires on their property.

    Also same if say someone 'forgets' to pay their insurance and they are involved in a traffic incident. They wouldn't be able to say "Oh, it slipped my mind, I'll pay the fee now and you guys service the insurance application thanks". Sucks but that's the "rules" when fees are involved.
  3. We had similar issues years ago here in Melbourne:

    From this article:

  4. Worst part of the storey is by far the 3 puppies.. I can't stand animal cruelty..
  5. I have no sympathy for people who don't pay insurance or fees like this fire services fee and then complain when something goes wrong.

    It is a shame about the puppies but the person who is responsible for their death is the house owner.
  6. I've just paid $75 for an ambulance membership, insuring me against a costly ride to hospital, which could otherwise leave me with a $x thousand bill.

    I don't see why the fire brigade couldn't have said, since you forgot to pay your $75 for a membership, you will be charged $x thousand per engine that responds to your house.
  7. That's a bit harsh for $75...

    I mean put the fire out and make him pay the bill...double the amount and a call out fee cost. They didn't have to let the house burn down with the puppies in them.

    I'm sure it would be a different story if a baby was in there...but it shouldn't make a difference, human or not, it was lives that were lost.
  8. all understandable, but just so morally wrong.
  9. Because someone that is too broke to pay $75 wouldn't make a good financial risk to lend $x thousands of dollars to, and that's what it in effect would be... a loan to him.

    I'd support allowing him to pay the $x thousands by credit card over the phone in order to obtain the call out though.
  10. That's the difference between America and Australia. The ambos / firies here don't check your credit rating before deciding whether to respond or not.
  11. Here in Vic the Fire Service levy is applied to all Household insurance policies so basically those of us with insurance pay for everyone else.

    In light of Black Saturday and the large number of uninsured properties involved it's been suggested the levy should be part of Council Rates instead which means every property would be levied.
  12. The guy did say he pays it every other year but forgot to pay it that year. No idea how true that story is but it could be true, they did offer $500 'over the phone' from the article as well for the fire people to come over and put it out.

    Still, not much compared to the 'real cost' of putting out the fire if it was in pure dollar terms I guess.
  13. Some of the people who posted in this thread can go drink a nice big glass of bleach for all I care, ****ing ****s. You disgust me.
  14. Speaking as someone with insurance who's currently subsidising 'users' who don't I can only say the sooner the better!
  15. It's a capitalist world because socialism doesn't work.
  16. That's just stupid - User pays gone nuts. So does the guy's insurance cover the total loss of his place or is he forfeit because he forgot to pay his levy??
  17. That story is just one more example of the madness of (relatively) unbridled capitalism. Neither that nor socialism work in their extreme forms (where 'work' has some livable meaning).
  18. When you read the other side of the story article, it says they are all volunteers, i can't imagine volunteer firefighters in Australia accepting a order to do nothing while a property burned in front of there eyes.
    What could the bosses have done sacked them, and then had no firefighters at all?

    A easy solution seems to be, if you don't pay the levy we will put out the fire, but bill you full costs for the operation, that way the firefighters still have resources and if you choose not to pay the levy , well you pay a hell of a lot more if you get in trouble, kinda like riding uninsured some people make risk vs savings decisions
  19. I think you'll find Socialism works quite well...

    socialism != communism...