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Fireman have the coolest job!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bambam_101, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. #1 bambam_101, Jun 5, 2008
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    I wish i wish i got in!! Have to keep trying!


  2. only problem bambam is that in australia you have to do it with a bucket and recycled water
  3. that failed to excite me.
    firemen have a dangerous job and completely shit pay.that sux.
  4. Firemen or not, that was cool :grin:

    Have you seen the MFB thread around here? :?
  5. I've been lifted just off the ground by 125litres/minute @ 1200psi from an Egyptian Navy firefighting system... and moved backwards into the shed in the yard, where I left a nice big dent but was uninjured.

    It was an experience :grin:
  6. I love my pumps.

    That was a cool vid Bam Bam. Sorry to hear you didn't get in. Keep your chin up and try again.

    Ktulu, that was probably 1250 l/min at 1200 kpa mate. Around that much would have sent you flying nicely. :LOL: :LOL:

    We use around 450 l/min at 1000 kpa for low pressure/high volume appliations or 220 l/min at 2000 kpa for high pressure hose reel applictions (Like house fires/car fires). One person with a back up can usually handle these fine, but it can be frigtening the power behind jet reaction sometimes, and you really place a LOT of trust in your pump operator.

    Slickncghia. You don't know how close that is to the truth!!
  7. Nope :arrow: psi.

    And I was fine during the first test. I had my feet braced against a gate-track in the yard, and they slowly cranked pressure up to full while I held the hose.

    I was more worried about what the jet would do to me on it's way past if I lose my grip on the hose.

    2nd test, they didn't wind the pressure up from low: just started at full :eek: surprised me and gave enough lift to move my foot up over the gate-track - then I was just backpedalling with it and chose the shed to hit rather than a concrete wall or scrap steel :)
  8. That totally rules!