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Firefox problems

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kraven, May 14, 2006.

  1. Does anyone else have problems with firefox and netrider???

    For some reason it won't save the pages in cache for netrider and everytime i close the browser completly it has to reload all the little icons and everything when i open it next :?

    This only happens with the netrider forums :(
  2. I have this problem with Firefox and these forums as well as another forum I'm on... I had to resort back to IE coz I just couldn't be bothered with it!! :evil:
  3. Yeah I have the same problem, seems to take ages to load netrider. :?
  4. In firefox, press CTRL-I to see the page info. Click on the 'media' tab, and for each image in the list, see what the entry is for 'Cache Source' - it should say 'Disk Cache' (so that Firefox is getting them from hard disk and not the netrider server)
  5. Pressing CTRL-I seems to bring up my favorites :?
  6. Tools | Page Info then
  7. Tools -> Page Info
  8. A problem with Firefox??? Heaven forfend, I thought it was the holy grail of browsers??? :p
  9. So now that we have established that firepox is not caching images, how do we get it to do so?

    Looking at the cache settings it only allows me to set the cache size but no other option.....
  10. type in


    in the url address bar of firefox

    there are a few options for enabling and disabling Disk cache as well as setting disk caching size

  11. I'm running It says that the cache is on the disk for Netrider pages.

    My problem with FF and NR is whenever someone posts a long URL into a message it makes the page a lot wider than the browser's window. It means an annoying scrolling left and right in order to read posts on that page. I think that IE wraps the URL onto subsequent new lines.
  12. FIREFOX down? ha hah a please dont shoot me....
  13. Then blue card the offending post and we'll fix it.
    Those that use FF should install and use the tinyurl plug-in that creates a tiny-url, funnily enough, that prevents these issues.
  14. i've got version and i dont have any problems. its all good from here.
  15. I'd be "blue carding" a lot of posts if I did that....

    As for the tinyurl plugin, I'll give that a go.

    I'll have to find it.

    Thanks VF.
  16. So, if I post a hundred mile wide URL here then you'd see it wrapped so that it doesn't make the page wider? If so, how did you configure Firefox to do that. Because it doesn't do it "out of the box".
  17. But my firefox caches those images :) , my netrider page media info says "Cache Source: Disk cache" :?:
  18. That tinyurl thing didn't change anything. The above post is making the page twice as wide as it normally is displayed.