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firefox 2.0 - I day in and I think I want out

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by egiste, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Well I got the new firefox just now, and low and behold in includes the spellchecker plugin as standard.

    This may be the beginning of the end to poor spelling in posts all across netrider !!

    Of course as I type this I realise that "firefox", "spellchecker", "plugin", "netrider" and "realise" all show up as unknown words - no it might not be as good as I hoped. :( Also there is a bug where the context menu doesn't always clear.

    Also has close buttons on each tab - a feature which I detest from Mozilla (also an unknown word) and was glad not see in the first release of firefox.

    It has the tab recovery plugins integrated and more advanced RSS feed and news handling.

    Apart from that, just some other interesting features that might not ever get used (or more correctly you wont know your using them) but are handy anyway.

    Im giving it 4 / 10 - not really bad and I just hope that I get time to write an overlay that gets rid of those close buttons !!
  2. "firefox" is an unknown word to the Firefox spell-checker?

    roffles :LOL:

    Even Nokia's have "nokia", "sms" and "msg" in their predictive text library.

    Sure, you've gotta add "f***", "spose" and "ninja" yourself - but they at least got the basics included!
  3. Too late for groberts, alas :cry:
  4. Can someone explain to me what a RSS feed is, and what it's good for?
  5. I've been using firefox 2 for a few weeks/months? and hated the individual close button on each tab but now I just use ctrl-w to close tabs. Much easier and quicker plus I always prefer keys to mice/touchpad anyway :)

    I don't both using the inbuilt spellchecker often except for highlighting typos as I never use a spellchecker anyway. It definitely paid for me to be a top student back in school days and actually learn to spell back then :grin:
  6. You can disable to auto spell check feature. The close buttons on the tabs are clearly borrowed from Opera - I like it personally. Now if only Firefox had a feature like Opera where you can open a new tab in the background - very handy for NSFW links :p
  7. Well I like it, especially the spell checker. Perhaps It should be made compulsory for the forum. :wink:
  8. in preferences -> tabs, just don't have "when opening a new tab, switch to it immediately" ticked.. simple