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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by voyager, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Why then did you not post it under the now-customary title "Friday Time Waster"??????? :LOL: :LOL:
  2. I'm guessing because that slot had already been taken by the 'MRAA or not to MRAA that is the question....did...didn't.....double-did.....sorta topic.
  3. Not as easy as it first looks (damn birds).
  4. inci, another inci-sive comment!!!
  5. It's plane to see that you guys have got too much spare time.
  6. No, we're just trying to extinguish our boredom :p
  7. Hey, you lot leave the firefighting to the pros and get back to work ;-)
  8. No wait... you guys do it ... it's too hard! :p How do you even fill her up?
  9. This thread needs to be hosed down immediately.
  10. Love the baby-blade soarer, are you up for rides with some other mad-hatters any time???
  11. Only if you tell me how to put the fire out!! ;-)

    For sure, let me know if anything is ever organised up this way prefferably... I'm not too keen on heading through Sydney :p
  12. Can't help with the fire, sorry, but we come up to Newcastle a lot to visit old school friends, and our old music teacher who lives at Edgeworth. Love to meet up with you...... I'll PM my mobile #
  13. For anyone else who's as stupid as me, you have to sdjust your speed into the blue, then carefully scoop up water... took around 2:20 to get the first fire out ;) Damn birds....

    Hornet 600, you've got mail :)
  14. Not in the heat of this conversation...
  15. This is getting flaming silly..