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Fireblade vs R1... Decision made!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Arran, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Go to page 4 and have a look!

  2. if got commuting get the R1, you'll appriciate the mid-range which is non existant on the new R6

    but why would you settle for a yamaha, they suck dogs balls, get a ZX10 or gixxer thou. :twisted:
  3. If 95% is for commuting then why would you bother with such a nice bike. You might get to use the midrange for a split millisec.

    but 5% weekend twisty rides might make the other 95% worth it....

    What to do ?
  4. Unless you plan to risk your licence daily on the commute to work, and R6 is fine.

    Unless I act like a twit I have no need to use any more than about 6000rpm out of an available 15,500rpm , to cruise at 110kph on the Freeway, and pull away from the lights well in front of other cars.

    Ergonomically they differ only slightly in riding positions.

    I you are basing your decision on commuting, then either bike will be more than OK.
  5. You can commute on any bike if you really want to. Probably the only real difference between the R6 and R1 is that the R1 would not require as many revs to move off from the lights.

    By the way, I have a 2003 CBR954 for sale that is setup for commuting (luggage rack, heated handgrips). :LOL: :wink:
  6. The safe option would be to get the R1 then wire the EXUP valve closed. Has all the balls you could want for getting off the line with lazy power but then crippled like a newt for anything above 5k rpm. :LOL:
    Consider it like a self inflicted LAMS whilst commuting. Weekend rides just un-wire it and then your back to a beast of a bike.

    On a more serious note, the lazy power of the R1 i'd say would make it an easier commute. I tend to be more throttle happy (and speed) when on smaller higher revving bikes - but that's just me.

    Oh and dale... will you stop tempting me with that 954! Hurry up and sell it already so i don't have to keep looking at my non existant savings!
  7. You don't sound like you're real worried about what people will think - so why not buy whatever you like and can afford? If that's the litre version, go bananas.

    Personally, I have enough trouble controlling myself on a 100hp naked bike, I'd be a complete c0ck on a 170hp superbike.

    My vote is that you don't lock yourself in to those two bikes - get out and try a whole bunch, including a few you wouldn't think would be of any interest to you. You might get a nice surprise and discover a new type of riding experience.
  8. Re: R6 vs. R1 for commuting. What to do???

    This brand loyalty in action.
  9. Hurry up and buy it already!! LOL :LOL:

    And I agree with what you said about bigger engines feeling lazier for commuting. I love the Storm for commuting as it has a *very* lazy feel to it, as it's not revving it's proverbials off. Even the Blade is like that to a degree. Pulls away smoothly from fairly low to mid revs and feels relaxed about it.
  10. Isnt an R1 for commuting kinda like the mums and others driving big 4wd for no apparent reason.
    Im sure there is many who would whinge about the amount of 4wd on the road that never get used for anything other than shopping trips and Mums taxi.

    I dont see what the difference is with an R1.....
  11. 99/100 of those people would NEVER be able to ride one of those 'toys' anywhere near it's potential anyway, so don't listen to them. They probably want the extra hp to make up for their lack of skill.

  12. There is no difference. People do what they want to do.
  13. The problem as I see it with alot of suburban 4WD's is that they're bought for their perceived extra safety to their occupants, combined with the blind nature of some of their drivers. Most bikes aren't purchased with safety in mind, nor a "I'm bigger than you, get out of my way" mentality.

    Buying a bike like a R1 is probably better related to buying a sportscar such as a Ferrari. Most people won't get the maximum out of the performance, but then it's not just about the out-and-out performance.
  14. Fair enough, Id love one but would never use half the power.

    R6 was my first choice when upgrading but I commute everyday and though it would be a waste of performance.

    But each to thier own.
  15. Exactly. To each their own.

    Hell I don't get the most out of my bikes by a long way, but to me it's about what I feel happy riding. I hadn't even ridden a VTR when I bought mine. Just knew I wanted one, found one I liked the looks of within my budget, and bought it (I couldn't even test ride one before buying as my arm was in a cast).

    And I've never been happier with a bike purchase.
  16. It would be cheaper to just catch the bus.
  17. A better comparison would be with guys who buy a 3.5L commodore to commute. If you can control your hooligan urges and can afford insurance a litre bike is a much better choice for commuting. I bought an 05 r6 last year for commuting. It was a nice bike but just too much work. On my Fz1 if it wasn't for the lights I could get from home to work and back maybe upshifting once. And I could do it in second gear, or in third or maybe even if fourth. It's not about using all the power, it's about ease of use.
  18. I don't have any experience with an R6, but I used to commute on my old ZX6R, and about the only difference in comparison to my current R1, commuting wise, is that on the R1 you have instant grunty power whenever you need it, whereas on the 600 you often need to gear down once or twice if you want to get out of a sticky situation, or make a gap.

    Aside from that, I don't see why I'd pick one bike over another for commuting. Commuting duties on these bikes is using only a fraction of what they can do, and they'll do it with ease.
  19. We've been over the differences between bikes and 4WDs before... let's not do it again. At least buying a sportsbike vs a naked or whatever you propose isn't any more dangerous to others, or damaging for the environment. Try comparing your 4WD shopping trolley with a small car and say the same things. :p
  20. We're not here to be bored. And depending on how valuable your time is, it might not be cheaper. Down here a 10 minute ride to work is 45 minutes by bus, not including the 10 minutes spent walking too and from the bus stops. :p