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firearm's licensing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rat man407, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. (NSW) so i applied for my license back in September and i only just got it on Friday
    (QLD) i also have a mate that has been waiting 6 months for his to come back

    when your paying over $400 for a license you think there would get there act together and get the job done right

    anybody else had long waits or just shit service from firearm's registry?
  2. Just had to check if I was on the right forum there.

    The NSW Firearms registry office has always been a slow, cumbersome, inept organization. Wouldn't surprise me if there has been more staff cuts and the office is even quieter than it was 6 years ago when I lived up there. Give them a buzz - make sure everything went through.
  3. ive had mine for 15 years so didn't go through that process but i did just buy a gun and waited 2 weeks, whats with the waiting shit if i already own guns
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  4. Only slightly on topic, I've been wanting to get a gun license for years but every time I try to sort it out i get bogged down in details and give up haha. It's harder to get handgun than longarm isn't it?
  5. Much harder. Handguns are gay anyway, you don't want one of those.
  6. It is a test to make sure you have the right temperament to own & use firearms.

    Give them a call & tell them if you had your gun, they'd be in sooo much trouble right now, that should speed things up.
  7. Ye don't bother with handguns, waste of time and too much red tape, u have to do 6 club comps a year, u miss 1 comp u lose your guns and u can't take handguns hunting
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  8. Slightly on topic....

    Friend of mine in NZ was having issues with the government medical payments (off work due to bad back) and they decided to cancel his payments. When he was on the phone to the relevant department he got frustrated at being told he needs a surgeon to give a written submission (which had already been done) to prove he was unable to work. He jokingly said "if I was there with my gun I'd get better service" and hung up.

    Well it turns out that they have instructions to "check out" any kind of death threats and found he has a firearms licence and owns 2 rifles.

    His wife got home at 5pm to find the armed offender squad surrounding the house requesting that the owner step out peacefully.
    He however was asleep at the back of the house after taking some strong pain relief drugs and did not hear the phone calls or door knocks.
  9. Isn't it deliberlty slow?
    I thought the process was designed to be long and combersom to ensure only legit licences get approved.
  10. It is flat out bullshit in QLD, a commercial use "fast track" license taking 10 months even with all the paperwork correctly submitted, you might be right maybe is deliberate but it is in no way excusable.
  11. yeah the 1 month before there even touch your paper work is delipate but after that there just fcuken slow
  12. haha you sound like me. I filled out all the paper work last year and then couldn't be bothered going down to the cop shop.
  13. Government will never make it easier to own a firearm, their ultimate agenda is to disarm the populace. far less chance of the punters rebelling if the government have all the guns.
    If you really want a firearms licensce get it now, it wont get any easier. I'm not letting mine lapse.
    i cant be bothered with hand guns, unless you shoot at a club regularly or need it for work, they are an expensive waste of time. Its not like you can carry it in your pannier for the next time the bogan in the commodore with the chevy badge gives you the shits.
  14. I didn't even get that far, all the info on the site just confused me lol.

    I just really really want a 1911, but a friend had told me it sucks trying to get a handgun and gave up. Guess I'll look into longarms then. Anyone know where I can get an M82A1? :p
  15. There are lots of used firearm sites online. The problem is you have to get a licensed dealer to buy on your behalf, most of them arent interested.
    What you could do is look around and if you find one go to a gun shop with the details and for a fee they may get it for you. You will need a current licensce though of course.
  16. Wait, they still think crazies will bother with this crap to get a gun?
  17. Crazies don't have to bother they just get them from criminals, like big bad bikies!!! :p. it's only people doing the right thing that suffer!

    I got rid of my guns in NSW before coming to QLD, and just found a nice rifle range 30min away...
    Undecided whether to apply for a licence up here now or wait, as there's every chance that ill be moving again this year... Possibly to beigetoria.

    Whatever, I'm not going as nuts as last time lol.
    Thinking a .243 Remington 770 Synth Blued with a 3-9x40 Scope, likely also a 4-12x40 BDC.
    Might consider a shotty, but never really been into em...

    Qld licence appears straight forward. Do safety course, join club, fill out licence application and attach safety course certificate and list club membership, submit and pay fee, drink alcohol and shoot shitty club guns while waiting.
  18. sorry to tell you but if you do move by next year you still will not have one atm in qld it about a 1 year wait i have been on the shooting forums and there complaining about how long there have to wait
  19. Yeah that's what I was thinking. Might just chill until I'm in the next pad.
  20. Exactly.