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fire twirling

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Mar 5, 2007.

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  2. Thats Crazy!! :LOL: :cool: Don't Burn Yourself! lol
  3. I have a fire staff I like to play with every now and then. :)
  4. I wanna learn how to do that *pouts*
  5. i used to be into the staff... always wanted to do poi but just lost the time (and backyard practise space :p )
  6. i have poi - i practice twice a year at confest........ progress is slow :p
  7. My mummy always told me not to play with fire. (But I admire the skills of those who can :)).
  8. I always considered such statements to be advice rather than definates. Besides, playing with fire is fun. :)
  9. lol carri u should get it out n have a spin in the backyard, u dont have to light up you know :p

    u sound like me seany, a bit of a firebug :grin: (minus the bushfire starting :shock: )

    well learn then peeahh! its not hard :)

    burning urself is half the fun charms :p :p call it a steep learning curve :wink:

    if anyone wants to catch up and have a spin, let me know :)
  10. Yeah yeah....it's just the whole getting of equipment, getting around to actually doing it...etc etc etc :p
  11. staff - $60 from gooble warming, posted down from Qld. haha worked out cheaper than some of the local staves, n good quality too.

    kero - $4 for a litre

    10min to burn in the wicks

    1min soaking when ever you want to light up

    should burn for up to 5min, depending how fast u spin, and how much you soak

    then just dip and light each time after :)

    seems pretty easy to me? :p :p
  12. hehe, fire. *giggles* :LOL:

    I like stuff. :) Can't say I start bushfires though. :shock: I just like throwing it around and fireworks are great too. :grin:
    Mine was about $110 from Consentrate Fire Equipment in Melbourne. A bit more expensive but I really like it. :)
  13. yeah concentrate make awesome gear, recently ive completely forgotten about them actually :? but i want one, theyre a good stave. gaah i hate Juggleart, im assuming you know them? pricks are all corporate now, just interested in a profit. they overcharge sooo much.

    have you got any pics/vids? im getting some 5 inch wicks soon :) or split wicks :grin: im also getting a large debt soon, with all this buying, and bike n stuff soon, and minimal income :cry:
  14. :LOL: I think I'd be a LONG way from actually lighting the suckers...god knows I'd burn all sorts of shit, especially myself :p

    But thanks for the info, i'll keep it for reference :)
  15. LoL well maybe it is :wink: .. so loosing some hair is ok? :p :LOL:
  16. hahah yeah, of course :p depending how hard i push it, i almost always lose some hair when i light up, be it just brushing an arm or a leg, or my eyebrow as ive done once :grin: took of half the bastard :grin: but your doing well if you actually light your hair on fire, compared with singeing something. a mate once clipped his head with poi i think, and there was a lil flame there not much really, but someone yelled out n hit him a good one upside the head before it could do anything :p

    but yeah like riding, your not a rider until you've fallen off... you not a twirler until you've burnt yourself :)
  17. Must say, it can be.. :p

    Ants & spiders hate it when I do tho. :grin:

  18. reminds me of the good old super soaker flame thrower :grin:

    until the petrol starts to eat away at the plastic tank and nozzle of the gun... :shock:
  19. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I just bought a fire staff. Reckon there's a safe way to carry it on the bike, or do I have to fix my car?