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fire trail riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by thatpoolbloke, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. hi guys, new to all this. ive just bought a trail bike and was wondering if it is registered is it allowed to be ridden on any fire trail or bush track. The cops or the rta don't seem to no!

  2. Theres your answer ;)
  3. to my knowledge its ok on state forests. national parks are a no no from what i understand. fine if you dont get caught, but if you do the fines are pretty hefty. im sure you have put this in the wrong section and someone will delete or move it in the near future.
  4. Welcome

    So where are you at?

    As the bike is registered, you'll be fine, so long as you haven't by passed any gates that are blocking trails.
  5. Some areas you need to get an additional permit for.

    Best way is to find some riding buddies that already know the ins and outs. They will also help scoop your broken body into a ute when you come to grief.
  6. Ahh yes, good call.

    Stockton Beach is one such "recreational area" and for $5 a day can ride as many sand dunes as you want
  7. Fire trail riding is berloody berilliant fun!
  8. Depending on where you are in think it is illegal in some parts of NSW, mainly the Nat parks, i am in the RFS and we need permission to go on the tracks in the trucks (unless an emergency) so i do not see them allowing trail bikes.
    Have seen trail bike cops out before too and the Nat Park officers reguarly partol Ku rin gah anyway.