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Fire in the Sky - Melbourne 720am

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by RustyRR, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Nevermind feel free to delete.

  2. nope... but i saw something flash by a couple nights ago in the sky.

    you sure you guys were'nt taking drugs? :]

    Oh and i dont think i was even up by that time
  3. Generally speaking if something is "breaking" the atmosphere as you put it, it would be travelling at a VERY VERY VERY high speed... not doodling along..... sure it wasn't a flame flare?
  4. On sunday morning, maybe around the same time, I saw a plane at high altitude, and the rising sun reflecting off its vapour trail was orange, looking like a large trail of flame. It was heading roughly south-east. But then again, there was probably too much cloud cover this morning to really see anything at high altitude, I'd reckon.
  5. See above for description.. (
  6. so you just want to know your not going crazy right?
  7. nevermind - this was confirmed as a plane jetwash.
  8. Actually, it was just a pocket of swamp gas reflecting light off a weather balloon.

  9. sounds like an x-file to me, i think we should call in Scully and Mulder
  10. Yeah it's a strange one.

    A member who actually Moderates himself... Whats the world coming too :LOL: :LOL: .

    Why not just leave the original thread there for people to discuss if your going elsewhere? :?: :?: :evil:
  12. About once a month someone rings 3AW or 3LO to ask if there's been a plane crash as they can see a trail in the sky that looks like it's going into the ground. When you walk outside to have a look it's simply a condensation trail left by a plane remembering planes fly over us at really high altitudes when going from places like Africa to NZ and so on.
  13. When I was a young lad doing my paper round in the UK I saw in the sky a distance aircraft with black smoke coming out, it was flying quite irratically and was heading down to the ground at quite a speed. Thinking it was a airplane in trouble I called the local bobby who checked into it and it turned out to be an RAF chinook taking part in a military exercise in the area. I lived in the Country so that figured.

    These things normally have a good explanation.