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Fire in Cheney's office.....how convenient.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scottatron, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Paranoid much?
  2. I met Dick Cheney years ago when he was US Secretary of Defence and visiting Australia (about 1991/92 from memory) - he was very pleasant, charming and someone who I would trust even less than Jeff Kennett, John Howard, Tony Abbott and Peter Costello combined... :LOL:
  3. It was obviously the left over demo charges from imploding the World Trade Centre on 9/11 igniting.
  4. It just seems very convenient, given the scrutiny the CIA etc is under at the moment.
  5. lol they do look a little crooked dont they
  6. Errr... so he set fire to some documents in his office?




    Oh, too funny.
  7. I work in a small business, there are only 3 of us, our records are emails, myob and data(text type) from our specialised program for each job we did.
    All backed up on one pc every week automatically and then on to a flash drive that lives in the owners bag + a half yearly data-dvd that stays at the owners place..
    Any business that have all its data in one place, whether they are stupid or they do it in purpose..
    USA gov. not only has backup records of all their actions, but of the actions of all of us, including emails, phone calls and how many time we visit the loo..
    But they voted for them, they are ready to believe them, they have to, same way we did with Johnny.. :roll:
  8. So there was no fire damage, only soot and water, not to mention that in order to fully destroy documents by fire, it has to be done in a certain and elaborate way that would show intent, believe me. Sorry, but you are jumping at shadows YET again.

    Until the next government does something you don't agree with and then you will be into them as well. Would you believe that it took all of 3 days after the federal election before the Anarchists had put up anti-Rudd posters all over Surry Hills. For some people it really doesn't matter who is in power, just that there is anyone there at all! :jerk:
  9. You'd make a crap CIA agent. You'd burn the pretty things not the important documents. Your paranoia has officially clouded your judgement on this one.
  10. Oh for Gods sake, I am not sitting here reporting this with tin foil on my head, if anything if was said more tongue in cheek than anything else.
  11. I think you are a wee bit paranoid mate.