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Fire hydrant killed in Ringwood

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pete, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. [Mod: This topic split from another.]

  2. "Fire Hydrant killed in Ringwood " Yep
  3. My mum told me not to buy a hydrant. She said they are dangerous which is very hypocritical as she used to ride hydrants back in her day...
  4. The Age Morning Ed.

    Family and friends of the fire hydrant killed in yesterday afternoon's hit and run are today holding a memorial service in honour of his hard work.

    Friends, family, and the local fire brigade are all invited to share this sad time with the family.

    Father, Lee King Water said I was always worried about this job. My son, he was so keen to be a fire hydrant by the road. His mother and I always wanted him to be in a shopping centre, but he trained so hard for this, and in the end he died doing what he loved.

    Police are conducting a full investigation into the incident. Speaking with the Traffic Management Unit, Local members said We have been swept away by this accident. He was an upstanding hydrant in the community.

    The Age
  5. The Sydney Morning Herald

    Hydrants are holding a protest march today outside Sydney Parliment with the hope of raising awareness and forcing local government to awknowledge the hydrant community in road planning and legislation.
    The American Hydrants Association (AHA) have also voiced their support, angered by recent roadside attacks more
  6. Hydrant see water all the fuss about...........!
  7. The Wetrider community will be gathering outside the court where the driver responsible for the incident is to be tried to help support Lee King and his family through this trauma.
  8. I'm glad to see it's not just me with a sick sense of humour..

    ROFLMAO :grin:

  9. :rofl: :rofl: you guys kill me.

    Ringwood Gazette 4/8/06

    In lite of the recent spate of fire hydrant deaths the Ringwood branch of DWPOFH (Dogs Who Piss On Fire Hydrants) have taken this opportunity to call for all fire hydrants to be moved away from dangerous intersections, local DWPOFH spokesman Woofer Van Mutt said “it’s not fair that our members should be put at risk while doing what comes natural to a dog” Mr Van Mutt will raise DWPOFH’s concerns at the next council meeting. Mr Van Mutt also took the opportunity to extend the condolences of all DWPOFH members to the Water family and said, “We will use this latest death to advance the cause for safer environments for both hydrants and dogs”
  10. :rofl: :rofl: you guys are killing me... not meant to be laughing so much at work :LOL:

    Can someone please change the title of the thread tho...
  11. A young hydrants life was tragically cut short today after his life was taken by a Motorcycle rider.In a strange twist of fate,rumour has it that a motorcycle website's forum endless taunting,had cause the hydrant to well up in tears,leak onto the road,in turn cause a chain reaction that led directly to his own demise.A Yarra Valley water spokesman said"we get this all the time,sometimes they just get stressed and blow a gasket,in this case its the full blown effect,when taunted,humans blush,hydrants gush".A memorial fund has been setup for relatives.You can make a donation by going to your nearest wishing well.
  12. I realy wonder about the sanity of some of the people on this forum :rofl:
  13. I understand that Damien Dognotto, Life Member of the HRAA has waded into the issue, and has given the local council a spray over it, as is his want.
  14. Don't you mean Dalmatian Dognotto - I notice he still hasn't changed his spots :LOL:

    Anyway I heard he was taking up a pet-ition and going to present it when there is a paws in the current parliamentary sittings. :LOL:

    In other news, the Premier Mr Brackish announced a review of licencing procedures. In future any probationary taps found to be turned on during testing will be stripped of their threads and have their handles confiscated. :LOL:
  15. Oh Shit.... what have I started.... (hides in shame)

  16. And Chairman hasn't even found it yet :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I don't wonder... I know :LOL: :LOL:
  18. [img:351:357:4dc79f6f61]http://www.cybersalt.org/cl_images/1zzzzza/dogs/doghydrant2.jpg[/img:4dc79f6f61]
  19. The Age PM Ed.


    In Other Breaking News...

    Post Boxes of Australia have joined the fight for road safety on road sides.

    A post box only wanted to be known as "Big Red" stated, we have been treated like garbage bins too long. All people ever want to do is fill us with crap! We're post boxes, we have feelings too you know!

    "Big Red" has lost friends lately including his dear friend Overn Ight pictured below.

    Big Red with Overn Ight.

    The fight for road side justice continues.

    The Age