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Fire Brigade on bikes??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oohsam, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Hey all
    This morning on the Monash I saw a red bike (or a big scooter...didn't really pay much attention) with a blue strobe light thing like the cops have.
    And i got closer and saw it had "FIRE" all over it with the reflectors. Had a few carry compartments on it.

    I never knew the fire brigade were on bikes/scooters now..Looked quite amazing...
    Ok so maybe it wasnt the entire fire Brigade...but still...odd.

  2. Yeah they are a first response system. UK have had them for a while now.


    Ambos use them as well.

  3. I did an instructed ride with the guy riding around on it.

    At the time it was just him on the bike. He's a motorbike racer and a firie.

    It's just used for PR purposes. THe only time he's used the flashies are to secure accident scenes, only if he's just driving past.

    No real work is done on the bike.
  4. Pity, there goes the best chance we ever had to get VTRElMarco on a full-dress Honda tourer.
  5. Ambos aren't using them - at least in Vic anyway.
  6. I'll have you know I once rode a VFR750. Lovely bike. Still trying to wake up.
  7. I think NSW Fire Brigade is trialling them in the Sydney CBD, its not purely for PR.
    I've seen a few around (BMW LT & ST1130), and I reckon its a brilliant idea !

    Just think about it !

    For those who work in the city, how many times have you seen a Fire Truck storm through the city and find out its only an alarm trip ?

    Having Firemen on bikes at least gets them there quickly and attend to the FIP (Fire Indicator Panel) and wait for the rest to arrive. An early assessment can be performed and it can be reported back if more firemen are needed.

    Most buildings these days are equiped with VESDA or beam detection sensors (essentially very early warning air sampling detectors) which detect the possibility of fire way ahead it has started. At least getting someone there quicker than a Fire Truck improves response times and risk assessments.
  8. Purely PR in Melbourne, it is currently a one of kind for the MFB.

    Maybe in Sydney, but in Melbourne 99% of times there is no issues getting quickly to the location, especially with tram tracks that can be utilised.

    There are a number problems with a bike, such as the further delay in getting to problem to get things under control and increase danger to the initial responder.

    Also, has the potential to cost jobs as it would give management an excuse to decrease manning.
  9. The Ambos use BMW K bikes in Sydney,for 1st responders through the traffic,there been arround for a while.
  10. There is at least one Ambo Bike. It's a Police K series fitout with red instead of blue coloring.
    I've seen it at the Philip Island races.
  11. The building over the road is notorious for bringing the big red truck.
    Alarm always going off for ages before the truck can get there only to find that its a falsie... again...
  12. Pic's of the bike shamelessly stolen from CFA forum I frequent.




    As stated above it is purely for PR reasons only. However has been known to show up at a CFA fire or two to see if any assistance is required.
  13. On the other hand - the Italian fire brigades (who else) use scooters for motorway fires...

    400cc Burgmans I believe

  14. I notice that they are bikes of quality - ST1300 no less!!!

    Must get some of those stickers for my bike.

  15. A false fire alarm costs a company a few thousand dollars...
  16. +1 . thats exactly what came to my mind too. its very efficient if theres a First encounter force who checks for false alarms. not only saves the resources and time to send a truck to the spot, rather the truck wud be available for real fire situations more promptly.
  17. you sound like u work in the fire industry.... what company? :p
  18. I just love how the OP thought an ST1300 might have been "a big scooter".. :LOL:
  19. Hey Tramp. I'm thinking that maybe that one is owned by one of the private first aid companies/special events medical teams then? Ambulance Victoria don't attend Phillip Island races on a standby basis.