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Fire at Yamaha in Elizabeth St

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. A fire broke out in the Yamaha dealership in Elizabeth Street in the City overnight.

    It started on the first floor and took the MFB about an hour to control.

    Did a drive by on the way to the office this morning and the building looks intact but the amount of internal damage is a bit hard to judge although the radio news quoted $350,000 building and stock damage.
  2. There you go, discoounted Yamaha!!!
  3. was it the new or used yamaha dealership on elizabeth street?
  4. Time to get my hands on a fire damaged yammie...:LOL:..jokes aside I hope that everything works out alright for the parties involved
  5. Peter Stevens tried the same thing and were able to open 'new and imrpoved'. Next year I hear is Ray Quincey's turn... :D

    Serious: Hope all comes back well because I enjoy all shops along that strip, and hate to see one closed.
  6. Not sure but was between Lonsdale & Latrobe St's if that's any help. It's a bit hard to dodge trams, cars and pedestrians and look at the BRT's (Big Red Trucks) at the same time.
  7. Keep an eyeout for a fire damaged auction of accessories. Well worth going to if you don't mind stuff at 90% off and slightly smelly. ;-)
  8. NOt sure I could buy a helmet with that burnt smell, might be a little overpowering. Could buy a pair of gloves and get Mrs Nodz to do her powder trick again...:LOL:
  9. Haa haa haa :D really?
    I just rang them this morning ask for my scooter repair!
    haa haa :D maybe that's why took so long to get the phone.

    but they dont do my model.
  10. where can I find it out?
  11. ohhhh......... even there's not a fire auction, still could be a out of fashion or discountiue line discount... haa haa haa :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Sounds like a GREAT deal for us Anosmics!!
  13. no good!

    wasnt there another dealer that recently caught on fire in melb?

    sounds a little dodge to me

  14. Also a great deal for a firefighter that rides :D

    My b/f picked up some of the gear from the Peter Stevens sale, good stuff with even better prices. Most of it just had soot on the packages and a little bit of smoke smell (our firefighting gear smells heaps worse)

  15. Fire sale, Fire sale :shock: :LOL: :D