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Fire at my place!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. I don't really have much time to do this so I'll do a quick + nasty. Just post a news item relating to my place + some text I wrote yesterday in regards to this fire.


    Well we had a fire last night (around 12-12:30am) that I was woken up to. I was actually woken up by a neighbour trying to kick my back door in to alert us. heh.. Anyway, I'll quickly put down what happened (so far) since I'm at my work having a shower before we go off to eat somewhere. No electricity @ home can be kind of a hassle!

    Got woken up to "Fire!!". I run out, see a fire in next door's backyard that has like 753735783783998734 tvs, stoves, general electric appliances. It was stinking!! And starting to catch our place on fire. The neighbour (in his jocks hehe) and I were dousing the house in water/trying to fight the fire while the fire brigade were on their way. Turns out they were told the wrong street and went to a street that wasn't directly connected to ours. We could hear sirens for ages but they were busy trying to find a way to get to where we live, which is in a cul-de-sac and can be quite hard for people to find.

    Anyway, they come, take over. The place is stinking big time, smoke is now in our place. Lots of people rock up, police, fire brigade sort of people. I do whatever I can. When the fire is doused, a fireman zaps himself on our roof from touching a live wire that was exposed because of the fire.Another funny thing was while the fire was being fought, some of the fire crew decide to come in via the back fence (connected to a fairly empty lot that is some brick business) by sawing their way through!! heh. The fire guys on my side of the fence yell/bang for the other side to stop. It wasn't needed. I talk/help out a lot of fire people, electrician from citipower and other emergency crew. There was then talk that there might be radioactive stuff that was in the fire :\ (From the owner of the house which had the fire in the first place)

    All in all, back part of our place is burnt at the back + roof near the backyard of the next door neighbour. Back fence to the alley way near our place is burnt/kicked down. The toilet is like fire/water damaged. Smoke in the bathroom. *might* be fire damage to my motorbike. It was in the garage only a few feet from the fire but due to all the stuff that happened I really didn't bother to take a look. That can be done later. We're all alive + well. That's what really matters. Also no electricity at our place at present except for 2 power points in our bedroom that the citipower guy was kind enough to let stay on.

    An insurance assessor is coming tomorrow (one was due today but didn't turn up!) to work out what exactly needs to be done (with us + the house). I guess I'll update when I get news and pop into work to use the net (and hot shower!. *phew*)

    I hope everyone is well + safe. We are, fcuk gives a shit what happens to material possessions ultimately.. :) Sorry for any formatting ugliness, I'm typing this fast as I can so I can get out of here and get food.

    *input by me* Still waiting for the debris to be moved etc so I can get to my bike. It's being treated as a crime scene so I can't get to my bike to see if it's been fire damaged yet. *sigh*
  2. All I can say is 'bugger'

    Hope Mr Insurance man sorts it all out for you guys.
  3. Whoah!

    Like you said, the most important thing is that you are both OK. Anything else can be repaired/replaced.

    Keep us posted!
  4. If you need anything let me know. Glad everyone is ok

    But you can't have my bike
  5. Sounds to me like unsafe/illegal storage on the neighbour's part, the plod and the insurance company will have a field day with this one.
    Let us know if there's anything we can do........ and give us an update on the BIKE, of course! :eek:
  6. OMG! What a drama. With you all being okay, it's almost exciting. A story to tell the grandkids for sure.

    Hope everything works out okay for you.

  7. Bugger , sorry to hear about the blaze . But for furture reference , this is the order i have on the fridge , save motorbike , then wife.
  8. glad your okay

    heeh cool your in the paper, atleast youve got insurance!
  9. mid, you are an evil man, that's the only way to describe you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. glad to hear your ok, as others have said everything else can be replaced. If you need a hand just ask

    cheers stewy
  11. midnight you are not married YET so just take the bike. it will be cheaper in the long run :D :D :D
  12. Hey come on not all Firies are inept :p Pity Me and the boys From Queensland Fire & Rescue could not give the southerns a hand :LOL:

    Glad to see you're OK. Fires can be nasty.

    Hope everythings ok


  13. Whoa! That's some news. Glad to hear you're ok, hope your bike is too.
  14. It was probably your mate Arnott who started it, pissed again and stumbling around, didn't find anyone's leg to hang on, so he made a spark instead :LOL:

    Glad you're OK!!
  15. this is the order mrs midnight has on the fridge
    1 bike
    2 dogs
    3 computer
    4 household contents ...............up to 46 then

    47 midnight :LOL:

    good to here your all ok undi
  16. Lucky man, and good outcome (considering the potential). Out of interest, is it your insurance assessment for damage to your property, or is it your neighbours insurance assessment and your claiming on his insurance?
  17. Glad to hear that you are all okay.

    If you need anything, don't hesitate to yell. :)

  18. mouth do you want to know his jock size as well :?: :?:
  19. Bugger, that sounds gnarly. Glad to hear that you're OK, though. Hope everything works out all right.
  20. sounds like you addrenaline was still flowing when you bashed out the about post, good to hear you are ok, I'd be freaking out about my bike once all the danger to life and limb was over.