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Fire Alert Upwey/Belgrave area residents

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Bungle, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. From CFA site-
    Good luck to all those in the area, hope the change is not as strong as expected this evening!

  2. Just got a text from a mate that his house is currently about a km from the fire front and directly in the path. If the wind changes in the next hour he may be saved but then it heads towards another mates' place! And of course many others.
    Will this ever end?
    Bad ones near Daylesford and Warburton too.
  3. Starting to get close to home....

    Will be fighting a traffic jam trying to get home due to closed roads :cry:
  4. Same here - just about to leave work to attempt the drive back to Ferntree Gully. With Wellington Rd closed, I think it will bank stud/ftg rdsand burwood hwy back
  5. seems everytime i get a day off i spent it listening to the bloody abc cos of the damn fires
  6. It might sound harsh but it's times like this I'm glad I live in the treeless plains of the western suburbs of Melbourne although early days we had a few grass fires threaten until Caroline Springs became such an effective fire break for my area.

    You can add Bairnsdale & Yarram to the fire list as well.
  7. I'm in FTG and am thinking my bike cover probably isn't fireproof is it? :facepalm:
  8. nah id say know just a guess tho, hope we dont lose power tonight cos underbelly is on
  9. Updates: http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/incidents/incident_updates.htm

    Aside from that, it's amazing how people flip since black saturday - all afternoon calls were coming in of car accidents - idiots hit panic mode. At the moment the fire started in birdsland and is burning in a north-east direction - straight onto the lysterfield greenbelt. Those along glenfern road would probably experience ember attack, but nothing more (hopefully). Don't worry; your bike cover is fine.
  10. Hope your hanging in there Nibs. Hope this shite goes around ya bud, and Raph, and Stook, and the list just keeps fkn going on....
  11. Actually I meant the actual tarp cover over my bike and not my insurance cover. :LOL:
    I believe the features were UV resistant and water proof but I was thinking it wasn't fire proof! O:)
  12. Yeah, that's what I was talking about, too. Wind is blowing the other way. :grin:
    Fire is under control now, apparently. I have heard rumours that one house was lost though. Also, apparently was someone on a trail bike.
  13. i heard it was started by someone on a slasher, being a total fire ban day basically all machines that could cause spark etc are not allowed , the narre warren north fire two weeks ago was started by some fool using a grinder on a 47 degree day with strong northerlies ,i dont understand some people
  14. Confirmed, spoke to some CFA friends last night, was a slasher, and it may have been either part of a house or an outbuilding lost.
    From CFA website -

    "Activities such as welding, gas-cutting, soldering, grinding, charring, extracting honey and heating bitumen produce fire and heat and are prohibited during TFB."
    (In the open air.) - I believe sheds are fine.

    For engineering places, plumbers etc, There is dispensation for the period of the TFB or the entire fire season, though it has bo be a written application that proves the company is taking precautions.

    "Can I use machinery with an internal combustion or heat engine, such as tractors, slashers, excavating or road making equipment within 9 metres of any crops, grass, stubble, weeds, undergrowth or other vegetation?"

    "Yes, but only if the machinery:

    is free from faults and mechanical defects which could cause an outbreak of fire;
    and is fitted with a spark arrester;
    and carries fire suppression equipment comprising:
    - a knapsack spray pump, in working order, fully charged with water, with a capacity of not less than 9 litres;
    - or a water fire extinguisher, in working order, fully charged with water, with a capacity of not less than 9 litres.
    Tractors fitted with a turbocharger or an exhaust aspirated air cleaner do not require a spark arrestor."

    The only real issue is the spark arrester - as anyone who works on small engines knows, they can clog up like a bastard; Anyone who doesn't know what it is may just say "It runs fine without it!"
    (Either that or the exhaust dragging over grass)
  15. I think you'll find the blade on the slasher probably hit a rock which generated enough sparks to start the fire.

    There was a large grass fire before Christmas at the ABC radio transmitter site between St Albans & Sydenham which was caused by a slasher and looking at the number of rocks in the paddock I can see why.